Key Factors to consider when choosing a New Water Heater

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There was a time when people used to heat the water in a pot over a stove or open fire. Thanks to advanced technology, we can…

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Get the Best Air Cooler for Your Room this Summer:

#Electricals #air coolers

As summer is around the corner, we must make ourselves prepared for the hot season. For cooling our rooms, there are various electrical appliances like ceiling…

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Stay Cool this Summer With Top 5 Best Ceiling Fans in India

#Ceiling fans #Electricals

Indian summer continues to get hotter and so do our homes and workplace. During these hot and stuffy days when using air conditioning throughout the day…

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Types of Coaxial Cables and How they are specified

#coaxial cables #Electricals

Before learning the types of coaxial cable let’s first understand the coaxial cables and its functioning. Coaxial cables are the form of an electrical cable…

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All you need to know about electrical tools and accessories


Appliances and devices powered by electricity have become an intrinsic part of our lives.  From home appliances to elevators at workplaces and public spaces, almost every…

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Electrical cable basics everyone should know


Electrical cables come in different colours, thickness and are meant to serve a specific purpose. The market is flooded with a wide variety of cables. Understanding…

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