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Petrol vs Diesel vs Battery Powered Leaf Blowers - Know What's Best For You

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Don't want to see the grass and fallen leaves collected on top of the mower deck? How to clean the mower deck? Spring has come. Your…

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What is a Brush Cutter? Let's Find Out Top 5 Best Brush Cutter Blade!

#Agriculture, Garden & Landscaping #Brush Cutter #Neptune Brush Cutter

The weeds, small trees, and foliage can spoil your crop or garden. These unattractive, unwanted weed plants can overtake your field or lawn and affect cultivated…

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Top 5 Best Pesticide and Sanitization Power Sprayers

#Agriculture, Garden & Landscaping #Agriculture Sprayer #sprayer

Pesticides and sanitization sprayers are mainly used to protect crops from pests and insect attacks. It is suitable for various applications such as sericulture, horticulture, agriculture,…

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Here Are Top 10 Shakedeal's Bestseller in 2020

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The year 2020 has been a different year for everyone worldwide. COVID-19 pandemic has affected every individual and business alike. Amid this crisis, Shakedeal managed to…

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Top 5 Power Packed Drilling Machines, All Under 1000 Rupees

#Drill machine #electric drill machine #Agriculture, Garden & Landscaping

Would you like to call a professional carpenter/woodworker for small woodworking DIY projects like creating holes for fixing nails in walls or assembling furniture? Don’…

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Smart Harvesting: Top 5 Best Harvesters in India

#Agriculture, Garden & Landscaping #harvester #India

Agriculture, with its allied sector, is undoubtedly the largest livelihood provider in India, as two-thirds of the country's total population still depends on farming. With time…

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Looking for Submersible Pumps? Top 10 Submersible pumps In India

#Agriculture, Garden & Landscaping #Gardening tools #submersible pumps

Even after having large river beds like Indus, Ganges, and Brahmaputra, which provide water for over a billion people in India, many people in cities and…

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Best Power Sprayer for Agriculture in India

#Agriculture, Garden & Landscaping #sprayer #power sprayer

Power Sprayer is an agricultural and landscaping device used for spraying the fertilizer over the plants, grass, creepers and shrubs. Using this power sprayer, you can…

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10 Must have Tools for Everyday Gardening Purpose

#Agriculture, Garden & Landscaping #Gardening tools #Brush Cutter Machine

India stands second in terms of farm outputs worldwide. As per the statistics of 2018, 50% of the Indian workforce was engaged in agricultural tasks. It…

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A look at the top-selling harvesters in the agriculture industry

#Harvesters #Agriculture, Garden & Landscaping

Every industry goes through a wave of disruption and agriculture industry is no exception. The agriculture industry has been heavily mechanized over the years. Today, farmers…

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