Sustainable Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees Delight

As an individual, we all love to receive and give gifts. The gesture of giving a gift, after all, is a physical symbol of a personal relationship and expression of social connection that brings individuals together.

Much like a parent who provide for his kids and other family members, and friends, you as a founder of business should adopt a family-based approach, while maintaining your employees. Now, consider another scenario; you are a business owner, your company and your employees are a crucial part of your life.

How would you express your appreciation, care, and make them feel special?

I would say gift can be an excellent way to express that you care. So, if you are done shopping leather jackets for mom, a cleaning service for sister and her infant's twins, a new pet bed to your dog, it is time to buy some gifts for your employees as well.  

Are you short of corporate gift ideas? What should you actually get for people? Keep on scrolling to check out a few groundbreaking corporate gift ideas for your staff:

For gadget freak employees

Tech gifts are the most popular and sought –after gift items. Most of us have a wish list of gadgets that we are unable to buy primarily due to financial constraints. So, how about gifting latest tech device to your gadget-obsessed employee?

For an employee who never misses a new release

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like watching films? Everyone loves watching movies. That'swhy movie tickets vouchers are perfect for employee’s reward and recognition. Movie escapism will help them to relax and reduce stress; hence they can be more productive at the workplace.

Movie Gift Card

For the interns

What could be an excellent gift for interns? A branded notebook or a fancy water bottle? It would be nice if you up the gift level considerably. How about giving an exclusive pen set, as that can be used in professional settings.


For foodie employee

How about wishing employee with happy work or birthday anniversary with restaurant voucher? Offering impromptu restaurant vouchers to employees who worked restlessly to become a top performer of the month is an excellent way to recognize the efforts. It automatically engages them because you are offering them something, which is so vital for them.

Restaurant Gift Voucher

For those who wants to look good

You can never go wrong with fashion and lifestyle gift cards. These gift vouchers guarantee that the tactual gift is your employee’s personal choice. Fashion Meccas like Shopper stop, Allen Solly, Arrow offer all the trendy clothes that one needs.

Fashion & Lifestyle Gift Cards

Take Away

There is no doubt that we feel motivated and delighted when we hare appreciated for the work we produce. As a manager or employer, it is your duty to keep your staffs, engaged and happy and corporate gifts could be an excellent way to keep them delighted. Now you have some great gift ideas to make your employees; clients feel appreciated. So, which gift idea is your favorite? Or do you have anything to add in the list?  


Q. What is corporate gifting?

Ans- A corporate gift product is gift item given by employers to their clients, employees, and customers. It is an expression of appreciation on behalf of the company.

Q. What are the latest corporate gifting trends in India?

Ans: In last few years corporate gifting has evolved. It has become the vital part of marketing communication. Companies have started allocating budget for giving and receiving gifts.

Q. What are some common corporate gift items in Bangalore?

Ans: Dairies, calendars, coffee mugs, sipper bottles, umbrellas, photo frames and gift coupons are the some of the most common corporate gifts retailer in Bangalore.

Q. How to determine the cost of the corporate gifts?

Ans: The cost of the gift item varies on the account of the type of the gift, level of customization, packaging, order, and much more.