Still Searching for Diwali Gifts? Top 10 Trending Corporate Gift Ideas for Diwali 2020

As we all are learning to live with Covid-19 pandemic, Diwali and other festivals (Christmas and new year) shopping are going to be weird this year. The Coronavirus has transformed countless aspects of our day-to-day lives; and this year, Diwali shopping will not be a usual affair. It will be different. In this challenging time, when employees and clients are working from different locations, maintaining the relationship becomes more crucial. So, no matter where your employees and clients are, your corporate gift-giving strategy should be sufficient enough that can help you to build strong bonding among company, employees, clients and other stack-holders. So, without wasting any more time, let's gear up to celebrate Diwali with few trending corporate gift ideas in the new normal. Here we go-

Gift #1Ganesh-Laxmi

Gifting idols of Ganesh-Laxmi idols to your employees, clients are indicative of your blessings and wishes for their luxury and good fortune. It is one of the best ways to truly respect the spirit of Diwali and celebrate it by spreading joy among all.

Gift # 2Gadgets

Electronic gadgets like smartwatches, Bluetooth, fitness trackers, power banks have always been the favourite gift items among millennials and generation next. High-quality digital devices can make the festival a little more special for them.

Gift # 3Edible

The assorted, fancy-looking and healthy dry fruit gift boxes are the ultimate Diwali gift item. These dried nuts are organic and healthy. Beautiful Chocolate Hampers customized Diwali messages can be a good choice.

Gift # 4Grooming kit

Who doesn't like pampering? How about cosmetic gift hampers for women and men's grooming kits for guys for any special occasion or event.

Gift # 5Candle Set

A beautiful gift pack of decorative, aromatic candle/diya sets is a pretty and eye-catching gifting idea. These aromatic candle sets are therapeutic and super realistic, and also can help them relieve stress.

Gift # 6Personalized gift

If you are considering giving some personalized gift to all, you need to do more research about the like and dislikes of everyone. It is not a tedious task. Once you know their preferences, you can add a personal touch by adding a name tag or engraving your employees' name in gift items. You can think of gifting pens, photo frames, mugs, wine glasses, paperweight, and keychains etc.

Gift # 7Art Pieces

The creative art pieces have the power to heal and keep away all the mental tensions related to business strategic, financial, and operation. These art pieces can help your clients and employees to look at issues with different perspectives by stimulating creativity.

Gift # 8Safety kit

The health and safety of employees are crucial. You must ensure that every employee is safe and well-protected at the office. You can distribute the Dabur Suraksha Kit to employees for minimizing the #Covid-19 risk for employees and their families. The kit includes washable hand gloves, reusable face masks, reusable face sheet, hand sanitizer, and reusable headcover.

Gift # 9Gift Voucher

Nothing can be more precious and vital than health. How about gifting e-vouchers for workout classes, jewellery, or dresses? Isn't it interesting? At first, it seems that a gift voucher has only disadvantages. Still, if you think correctly, these cards are great corporate gifts for all seasons as these are reasonable compromises between giving cash and giving a well-specific gift to someone.

Gift # 10Career Growth

We all know the current economic situation around the world. Why not helping employees in their career growth? Being an employer, you can help employees' in their career growth by sending them for courses, training, and workshops. It is win-win for both, as the expertise acquired through these courses, can be used later in work.