Significance of Social Distancing Graphics in the New Normal

In the post-pandemicc era, the common refrain is social distancing as the new normal. A lot of effort, time and resources are being invested heavily by governments and businesses to reiterating the significance of social distancing to combat the spread and resurgence of covid 19 virus till a potent vaccine is developed. Let's have a look at some of the ways in which social distancing graphics can remind us to maintain the safe distance in workplaces and public places as well.

Floor Decals : In places like retail stores, pharmacies, and neighbourhood grocery stores, floor decals are used to signify the safe distance so that customers do not cross the line and come in close contact with others in stores. Health authorities are recommending six feet distance and signages and graphics are being used explicitly by owners in all retail establishments to ensure a safe buying experience for their customers.

Banners and Standees: Banners and standees displaying awareness about the pandemic and best practices to follow, will be quite common in places such as workplaces. Airports, bus depots, gas stations and even railways stations require banners and standees to ensure people stay vigilant and follow all safety guidelines laid down by authorities.

Since government and local authorities have made usage of face masks mandatory, posters and imagery depicting the message are necessary at places such as residential complexes, public parks, banks, and company offices. There's an uprecedented demand for social distancing graphics and there is no dearth of creativity when it comes to coming up with innovative fun, quirky and appropriate imagery to drive home the importance of social distancing in the post -pandemic era.