Significance of Sign Boards in Various Industries

In modern days, many of us consider signboards as an unimportant object. But before agreeing to the thought, review the given below scenarios,  

"A woman, unfortunately, died in a road accident, when she ignored the "No right turn" sign on the busy road. In another instance, at a plastic manufacturing company, a worker hurt severely due to the absence of appropriate signboard."

These mishaps could have been avoided if the signboards have been put and followed correctly. Agree or not? Proper signs, within prescribed norms, are lifesavers, whereas faulty signages are putting millions of lives at risk.

Let's understand what is signboard; it's history and relevance for the various industries.  

What is the signage?  

The signs and symbols are part of human lives from centuries ago. When there was no language, it was only signages (visual elements) and logos through which humankind used to communicate. These signs are meant of different materials like metal, acrylic, foam, aluminium, and various colours.   In today's world, signboards are an integral part of everyday life.

Industries like IT parks, restaurants, hotels, theatres, schools, and many other establishments are using these visual elements to attain more eye-balls. A sloppy and unimaginative signboard will impinge the viewers and erode them to take any positive impression about the message conveyed.  An elegant, flashy, and bright signboard is more effective as compared to an audio advertisement that needs the audience's attention to grasp the message behind it. Currently many marketers and adverting agencies are using digital signboards.    

Let's discuss the purpose and objective of having signage in various industries-

Inanimate salesperson  

What do you think when you see Golden Arches- a symbol of McDonald's? Isn't it inviting? Mouthwatering? Signs are not only useful tools, but these can also become active inanimate advertising and marketing representative for your company. Strategically placed, with proper colour and lighting, signboards can convey a concise message to passing motorists.

Wayfinding and direction

Commuting from one place to another is a fundamental human activity, and navigation signs are meant to give direction about a particular way. These   signs tell you about your location and where are you going. The comprehensive directional system includes, but not limited to, signage, symbols, maps, and other communications. These building signs help visitors to get lost.

Health and safety

Health and safety signs can be seen anywhere. These can be categorized into prohibition, safe, mandatory, and warning signs. Generally, these signs can be seen in hospitals, workplaces, schools, and offices.

Enhancing appearance

Quality signages are enough to drive attention as well as a means to display your creativity to your customers. These signs beautify the overall appearance of the place and its surroundings. Digitally printed custom wall murals can cheer-up any dull space, improve your branding or display your company history.

Bottom line

Signboards are the most subtle and sophisticated way to influence the audience. Adequate signages can inspire and change audience attitude and decisions. If you are running a business, a creative sign can help your business stand apart from other peers in the same niche.