Setting up an Office for a Startup? 10 Office Essentials for Your Business

It has been almost two years since the Covid pandemic. Slowing things back to normal, and you might have been planning to set up an office for your startup business. The city is finalized. Office space is finalized. Furniture is finalized. What about office supplies? An office essential is most likely to be the tiniest expenditure in your office startup budget, but it is something that can not be overlooked. Office supplies are not costly, but they must be counted to cut down spending more money than you have. Here are the top 10 office essentials that you need for your business-

Paper, Pencil, and Pen: you might be thinking that paper , pencils, pens and tapes trivial items. But no these are some basic stationery items without which you can  not imagine any office set-up.

Chairs: Office chairs are an integral part of the business. You can get different types of computer chairs and desks with wheels or casters. Modern office chairs have a set of wheels for mobility and can be adjusted for height.

Multifunctional Printer: You can have an introductory printer that can help print documents according to your business requirement. If you are in supply chain management, you must have a barcode printer that prints labels or barcodes.

Cabinets: Drawer cabinets, whether rollered or fixed, are secure intelligent storage solutions for any office.  Available in various sizes, these drawers come with in-built locks to store your paperwork safely.

Office files and folders: Suitable for carrying around small piles of paperwork, these document holders are convenient to use. Available in different attractive colours, these file holders are enough to keep from A5 so that A5 documents.

Notebook/ Writing pad: This notebook/writing pad/drawing pad or legal pad is one of the best office supplies to note down your ideas with ease. Keeping notebooks at the workplace is an important information management technique.

Staplers: This handy tool is used in attaching materials to different surfaces. This easy to use, long-lasting and durable hardware tool can be used for packaging goods, fixing plastic sheets.

Blank media disk and Pen drive: Blank Media CDs, DVDs and pen drives are excellent ways to transfer files.

Paper shredder machine: We all know that papers containing private, confidential, or sensitive must be destroyed properly. It is where paper shedder machine comes in.  This machine is used to destroy sensitive documents. It cuts the paper into either strips or fine particles. Shredding every paper is essential in an office set up to avoid identity theft.

Dustbin: Last but not least, you need to have a couple of dustbins at the office or workspace. Keeping the place clan is your responsibility.