Choose The Right Color Code of Safety Helmets For Your Workplace

Industrial plants and areas are usually prone to unfortunate incidents of accidents or injuries. Safety helmets are meant to be protective equipment for such occurrences and avoid fatal injuries to your head portion. Safety helmets are available in colors of all hues. Thus, it makes the process of selecting these helmets more exciting. There are specific standard color codes pre-defined for these safety helmets based on the working environments or job sites you are present.

Let’s have a look at these federal standards set for safety helmets. It will help you to select the right color code suitable for your workplace.

Occupational Health and Safety Administration is one of the prominent government body to safeguard the health and safety of the workers who are working in the accident-prone environments. The accidents can be in the form of heat burns, electrical shocks, flying objects, irregular moving surfaces, etc.

There are guidelines provided by the OSHA, but there is no color code mandate that is to be used for workers’ roles. Here are some of the generally accepted color codes for safety helmets:

White color safety helmet – White shade is meant for being easily spotted in the pool of other colors. Thus, they are usually worn by anyone in a supervisory position, managers, architects, engineers, and supervisors.

Green color safety helmet – This color shade helmet is generally preferred by the site’s safety officers or inspectors. Also, new hires and trainees wear a green color code helmet.

Yellow color safety helmet – This color code is usually preferred by workers who operate heavy machinery or are earthmovers along with the employees doing general construction labor.

Brown color safety helmet – This color code is used by the workers who do any form of welding or high heat jobs.

Orange color safety helmet – As an orange color is easily spotted; thus, it is used by workers in the road construction sector. They are also given to new hires and site visitors.

Blue color safety helmet – Electricians and carpenters generally prefer this color code helmet. Interim workers and technical advisors can wear blue helmets.
Red color safety helmet – It is used by firefighters or other employees with emergency training.

Grey color safety helmet – It is most often issued to visitors on the worksite.
Pink color safety helmet – This color is very much popular in the female worker. In certain companies’ pink helmets are kept as an additional option in case the workers forget their helmet at home.

Benefits of using color code safety helmets at your workplace:

There are no such federal or state rules that define the color coding system for safety helmets that you use at the workplace. Even you are not going to break any law or fined with any penalty if you provide the same color of helmets to all your employees. But you would end up getting caught into the haphazard that may occur in identifying the employees working in your industrial areas. Thus, many companies are practicing the designated color coding system for safety helmets.

Few of the advantages that you will get with this are mentioned below:
If a specific color shade is dedicated to a particular job profile that the employees hold it will help you to identify key people in the event of an emergency.
It will help in making the work process smooth and efficient by making it easier to plot the specific person if employees have any queries or questions to ask.
It will be helpful for the supervisors or managers to identify the group of workers instantly working on a particular job site area.

You get numerous options to select and buy your choice of color in safety helmets in the market. But see to it that the preference is not given to the color parameter. Ascertain pigments and paints contain chemicals that can weaken the hardness of the outer shell of the helmet. This will affect the primary function of the helmet, and this may result in a fatal injury or damage to the employee who is using this helmet.

Purpose of choosing the right color code for your safety helmets:
It is proved in many companies that the color coding system for safety helmets have made the working process run smooth and fast. Also, it made the workplace to be safer to work in. Although, the prime factor that is to be considered while choosing the safety helmet is the quality construction and proper material from which it is made. As, if you got the suitable color for your employees it can still be a wrong choice for you, because the quality construction and material used might not have the right safety measures. Thus, it is recommended to check the quality and material of the helmet before the type of color while buying the one.

Safety Check – Direction to best before use date:
Not everybody is aware of the fact that there is an expiry date even for the safety helmets that are available in the market. As the raw material used for it is plastic that deteriorates after a certain period, and thus helmet possesses limited working shelf life. To identify the time when the helmet has to replace the companies print the date of manufacturing over the outer cover. The other way to determine this is a particular design consist of stickers that fade in color after a specific period, and that is the time when you need to replace it. There are even certain manufacturers that can guide you on when to replace your purchased helmets.

So, your take-home message from this piece of information is that you can define color code system for safety helmets in your company to make the work process more smooth and fast. But this should be done without compromising on the quality construction of the safety helmets.

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Q. What are safety helmets?

Ans: Unlike traditional hard hats, safety helmets are meant to save users from fatal head injuries. The helmet aids the skull in protecting the human brain.

Q. What is the standard of safety helmet?

Ans: Industrial safety helmets are designed to protect the wearer from falling objects. It safeguards the brain from injuries or skull fractures.

Q. What are the pre-defined color codes for industry helmets?

Ans: There are specific standard color codes pre-defined for these safety helmets based on the working environments or job sites you are present.

Q. What are the color codes for safety helmets?

Ans: The color-codes of safety helmets are as follows--

White: meant for engineers, supervisor, manager, and foreman.

Yellow: meant for laborers and earth moving operators.

Brown: meant for welders and workers.

Green: meant for safety officers.

Red: meant for fire fighter

Q. What is the objective of selecting right color helmet for your industry?

Ans: Right safety helmets make the working process smooth and fast. However, it is recommended to check on quality and material of safety helmet before choosing it for your employees.