Safety gear essentials every DIYer should own

Work projects are often fraught with risks. It is important to put safety first and get geared up with safety gear before starting any project. Here are some safety wear essentials which can ensure smooth and hazard free execution of projects.

  • Safety Glasses: Safety glasses protect your eye from dust particles, chemicals, and water from hitting the eye. Safety eyewear is a must for people working in chemical laboratories and those handling woodwork projects. Safety glasses use the lens made of polycarbonate which is lighter than glass lenses and resistant to impacts.
  • Safety Masks: Safety masks are necessary to avoid inhalation of harmful fine particulate matter and toxic fumes. Disposable masks can be worn for eight hours. They protect against silica, brick dust, and fine particulate matter. Latex Paint and Odor mask can be used while doing painting jobs.
  • Safety Gloves: Hands are an irreplaceable and significant tool for a worker. You can replace power tools, and screwdrivers but not hands. Even a slight injury can hamper your work performance and efficiency. Safety gloves are fashioned to keep your hands safe from cuts, chemical exposure, abrasion, heat, and various other potential hazards. Antistatic gloves provide protection against static electricity. They should be worn while handling power tools. For welding tasks, choose arc flash safety gloves. If your job requires you to handle hazardous chemicals, do wear chemical resistant gloves
  • Safety Shoes: Safety footwear, comprising of safety shoes and boots, forms an integral part of personal protective equipment used in the industrial and manufacturing industries. Safety boots offer toe protection, insulation from extreme temperatures and are resistant to penetration. Safety boots with steel toe caps (steel cap in the toe section of the footwear is used in safety shoes to give protection to the wearer's toe and feet) and safety trainers are the most commonly used safety footwear.