Reinventing Corporate Gift ideas for Women’s day 2020:  Let’s Celebrate Their Presence in Our Lives!

Women specifically go through a unique set of challenges in their corporate lifecycle, and it could be entirely different from the challenges faced by their male counterparts, thanks to the specific construct of Indian society. It is the reason why we need to take extra efforts to express appreciation and acknowledgement for woman’s contribution to our lives.  Women’s day is the perfect opportunity for you to build a positive relationship with your women employees, clients, and stakeholders and simultaneous building affinity with your brand. Let us assist you in celebrating women with some exceptional corporate gift ideas. Here we go-

Corporate Gift ideas for Women’s day


Women and jewellery are made for each other. Gift her a piece of jewellery and see the smile on her face. There are different types of jewels available in the market or look around on the Internet; the choice is limitless. You can also use Jewellery vouchers to your female employee that ensures that you don’t go wrong with your gift.  


Women love clothes. So why not give women you know who love to flaunt their personality through fashionable garments. Apparel gift vouchers will allow women to get dresses of their choice on fantastic discount rates.

Latest gadgets

Today’s women love tech. How about gifting the most recent devices like Ipad, nutrition tracker, a pair of headphone, smartwatch, Bluetooth speaker, phone case and many more.

Movie Tickets

You are aware that your product manager, Martin Clare, is a fan of Tom Cruise movies. So how about gifting movie voucher? Gifting an experience filled with entertainment is always remembered.


After a hard-working month, what is the other way to experience wellness other than taking Spa therapies? Your women employee love this revitalising therapeutic massages and shower. Bring a smile on the faces of the female workforce with Spa Vouchers to help then avail discounted experiences to well-known Spas in the cities.


Many time employers and company officials have faced brickbats for their old-fashioned way in selecting gift items for their employees. It may result in the unhappy employee that may further adversely effect on team morale and the company’s productivity. If you are looking for gifts for employees, especially female employees, the trick is to come up with right balance of creativity, intelligence, and professionalism. These are a few easy-to-implement, stylish, comfortable corporate gifting ideas for women. Let me know in comments if you have more suggestions to add in this list.


Q. What is corporate gifting?

Ans: Gift giving is important in business world. These gifts affirm relationship and enhance the personal connection among clients, customers and employees.

Q. Things to consider before buying gift for professional women?

Ans: Personalisation is the key. If you are looking for gifts for employees, especially female employees, the trick is to come up with right balance of creativity, thoughtfulness and professionalism.

Q. Gift card vs actual gift- which the best for you?

Ans: Even though gift cards appear to be impersonal, it allows the users with the freedom to purchase whatever they'd like, up to a certain price.

Q. List out few inexpensive gift ideas for woman?

Ans: You don’t have to break a bank, while buying gifts for women. The things like Jewellery items, apparel, gadgets, movie tickets, spa vouchers and many more can work.

Q. What are your best gift ideas for female colleagues for Women's day 2020?

Ans: There are plenty of options available when it comes to gift something to a lady. Specifically for women’s day, different gifts can be sent to different female employees.