Preventing Falls and Injuries: Why to Invest in Safety Shoes for Your Kitchen Crew?

Have you ever watched Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares USA? The show is about good or bad food, restaurants, cuisine, hygiene, health, presentation and drama and much more. People talk about the things mentioned above, but have you ever seen people's concern about the safety of kitchen crews(or warriors)?  When it comes to making food, people do research, invest time, energy, and even the minutiae things like the colour of food are considered, but we do not pay much heed to kitchen crews who work tirelessly. We all care about hot, clean, delicious food on the table. The reality is that nobody is bothered about Kitchen warrior's work conditions, safety etc. Why this lackadaisical attitude towards them? Don't you think it is unfair and unkind towards them?  So, today, this post will discuss why we need to invest in safety shoes to prevent falls and injuries in the kitchen in homes and restaurants. The most common accidents in the kitchen are slips, trips and falls, and these are the most common form of insurance policy claims filed by workers.

For the majority of us, the day starts and ends with the kitchen. By making some changes in the way you work in the workplace kitchen, you can better protect your kitchen crews from being victims of injuries and falls-

Safety shoes

The non-slip, waterproof safety shoes keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable. The safety shoes can be broadly categorized in PVC steel toe shoes, rubber boots, PU sole type shoes, metatarsal, and slip-resistant and electric safety shoes that offer slip resistance on uneven surfaces and wet conditions. These leather shoes ensure that your feet are safe from heat, oil, slip, and abrasion on the job.

Without Lace shoes

You might have heard of various kinds of safety shoes that can be used in different industries. The shoes without laces can reduce the chances of tripping when moving between different floor types.

Steel toe cap shoes

In the kitchen, the chefs work with different kinds of dangerous equipment and sharp knives. So the puncture-resistant steel toe shoe can work better even if a knife or something heavy utensil falls on your feet.

Water-resistant shoes

It is uncomfortable to work with soggy feet and socks. It is not suitable for the health of your feet. The slip-resistant shoes offer you comfort while on your feet all day and will help reduce kitchen accidents.

Using Non-slip Rug

While using a non-slippery and non-sticky carpet in the kitchen can serve in a very distinctive way. It can hide strain, protect your hardwood floor and save you from fall. These rugs come in various sizes and shapes.

General measures to avoid injuries

1-Items like oil, water, or any other liquid should not be left on stairs, hallways or such places from where people trip over them.
2- Clean up the spill immediately
3- Ensure that stairs, hallways have proper lighting.
4- Uneven surfaces, trailing flexes can be dangerous. Replace /repair damaged flooring/carpet.
5- Floors should be adequately cleaned, ensuring that there is no spillage.

Though the phrase "slip and fall" sounds funny at the time, it can cause serious injury that may lead to job loss, substantial medical bills, disability for the rest of life. These kind of accidents can be avoided with little bit of caution. These simple recommendations will help you drastically reduce your risk of slip and fall accidents in the kitchen. It's better to be safe than sorry!