Petrol vs Diesel vs Battery Powered Leaf Blowers - Know What's Best For You

Don't want to see the grass and fallen leaves collected on top of the mower deck? How to clean the mower deck? Spring has come. Your garden and other areas are filled with dry leaves and debris. If you want to spend your money on a leaf blower and not regret it, keep reading.....

So, you like it or not; it is essential to clear debris, dry leaves away from your yard and landscaping beds before snowfalls and a deep freeze sets in. For this purpose, leaf blowers can be used to speed up end-of-season maintenance chore by removing dirt, debris and dry leaves from your lawns and walkways. Leaf blowers can also be used to remove cut grass, hedge or tree trimmings; clear litter after significant events.

Here are the different types (gas, battery-powered and corded electric) of leaf-blowers available in the market. Not sure how and which leaf blower to choose? This post explains the differences and benefits so you can find the leaf blower that's right for your needs. Here we go-

Petrol Leaf Blowers

Petrol leaf blowers are suitable for professionals, as these devices provide long-lasting, unrelenting power when you have to clean your oversized backyard. It is used for cleaning the dust-dry leaves and small twigs in the garden. A two-stroke engine with a backpack powers it. Petrol leaf blowers are heavier and noisier than electric leaf blowers.


  • More potent than electric leaf blowers
  • Do you need electrical source
  • Suitable for maintained yard

Example- KisanKraft KK-LBV-650, 2 Stroke Petrol Leaf Blower

Diesel leaf blower

The diesel leaf blower offers lower emissions and more excellent fuel economy when cleaning, removing fallen leaves and debris from places. It equips the users with greater control over control over airspeed, air direction, noise control.


  • More potent than electric leaf blowers
  • doesn't need an electrical source
  • Suitable for maintained yard
  • Noisy

Example- Cyclone Diesel Debris Blower

Battery-powered Leaf blower

Plug-in batteries, switch on the button, and you're moving leaves. This is all about a battery-powered leaf blower! Built for professionals, maintenance specialists, yard-cleaner, the Lithium-iron battery powered leaf blower is an excellent, versatile tool to handle pavement sweeping and moving leaves.


  • Less potent than petrol leaf blowers
  • Suitable for small maintained spaces
  • Rechargeable
  • Batteries can be used in other garden machines.

Difference between Petrol vs Diesel vs Battery Powered Leaf Blowers

Whether you own a large landscaped garden or a small town garden, choosing the right garden vac is not an easy task. There are so many powerful models, from high-powered options to budget-friendly models, and all look nice. The table below might help you to get more ideas to choose the suitable leaf blower for you.

Features Petrol Leaf blower Diesel Leaf Blower Battery leaf blower
Power Long lasting long lasting less power, comes with
Weight Heavy heavy lightweight
Sound Noisy noisy relatively quite
Pollution Generates pollution generates pollution Environment friendly
User base Suitable for small/large
Suitable for small/large
suitable for small lawn
Air volume Approx 700CFM Approx 700CFM 300-400 CFM

Final thought-

Are you in the market for a blower? Which type is right for you and your property?

If you decide you want a petrol powered device, you can’t go wrong with the KisanKraft KK-LBV-650 - 3.6 hp, 63 cc, 2 Stroke Petrol Leaf Blower. And if you are looking for a battery powered device, grab yourself VORMIR 20V Max 85 MPH Dual Speed Cordless Leaf Blower for the best power and performance.