PEC vs PVC Face Shields - Which is Best?

The COVID-19 pandemic has infected the most of global population, and the war against this deadly virus continues. According to the IMA, 420 doctors have lost their lives so far during the second COVID-19 wave in India. Several countries, including the world's developed nations, struggled to provide adequate medical staff and medical equipment to take care of millions of people who got infected. In this situation, protecting medical staff from getting infected is extremely important to serve better and save many lives.

A face shield, a transparent, clear plastic screen, is used by medical professionals to fend inhalation of virus-laden droplets spread through breathing, coughing, and sneezing of an infected person. Face shields made with quality thermoplastics can withstand chemical splash, heat, impact or other hazards. Most face shields are made of two common plastic materials- one is Polycarbonate, and the other is Polyester material. Now let me explain what a PEC face shield is and how it is different from a PVC face shield?

PEC Faceshield

It is made of Polycarbonate material. It is lightweight, transparent and provides high optical clarity to the users. The face shield acts as a sneeze guard when used with adjustable headgear face shield with a visor mask. Following are the advantages of using PEC face shields-

  • Full facial protection
  • 97 per cent light transmission for ease of visibility
  • Disposable and reusable options
  • lightweight, unbreakable
  • Prevent your droplets from spreading to others
  • flame retardant so can be used in other industries also like the aerospace industry.

PVC Faceshield

It is made of Polyester (PET) Film. This lightweight PVC face shield comes with an anti-fog coating and clear visibility. PVC face shields are thinner than Polycarbonate face shield. The PVC material has a longer actuation life, so it means that it takes many years to start to crack or deform. The advantages of PVC face shield are as follows.


  • Lightweight, durable
  • Allows full vision display
  • Prevent your droplets from spreading to others
  • Flammable so can be used in other industries also
Features PEC face shield PVC Face Shield
Weight lightweight lightweight
Light Transmission 97 percent 79 percent
Heat Flame retardant Flammable
Thickness 800 microns 100-350 microns
Life and use Durable, reusable disposable
Cost Affordable Expansive

Final thought

Probably, face shields are uncomfortable and inconvenient to use and it is your responsibility to do your part during the pandemic. First and foremost, try to wear a face shield, whether it is PEC or PVC face shields.