Office Desk Accessories to Rejuvenate Your Workspace Style

Workplaces are meant to be more than functional spaces. A workplace environment brimming with positivity and enthusiasm is bound to get the productivity metrics soaring. Efficiency and quality of work define productivity. With workplaces undergoing a sea change, the factors affecting productivity have grown multi fold. Co-working spaces have become a new normal. It comes with a package of added noise levels, camaraderie and a host of distractions which impact productivity. Remote working options like work from home has its share of productivity challenges. The constant problem has always been how to maximize productivity.

It makes sense to rejuvenate workspace style by sprucing it up with right office desk accessories. Here are some ideas to model a workspace which promotes creativity and productivity.

  • Jazz up your office essentials with colours: A desk with a matching colour of office supplies, like notepads, pencils, pens, pencils, sticky notes, not only appears aesthetically pleasing but also adds subtlety to your critical thinking skills.

Colours impact your productivity so why not choose those who complement your working style. Research has established that blue colour affects your mind, yellow touches your emotions, green tilts your balance and red corresponds to your body. Purple is known to aid creativity. Hues of red and blue can make sparks fly between brain synapses and create an ethereal mind-body feel. A Google search would indicate that the colour "Blue" is the most productive ever. Orange promotes warmth and sends out a welcoming signal to you and your fellow workers.

  • Choose Your business brand Colours for Workspace: Your business brand colours should reflect in the colour scheme chosen for workspaces. It promotes a sense of belonging amongst employees.   It also drives the brand message and indicates what the brand stands. Office supplies can be personalized in colours which can accentuate brand essence.
  • Go Clutter-Free with Desk Organizers: A messy work desk is home to chaos and confusion. Creativity and productivity are sacrificed at the altar of clutter. Therefore, it pays to go clutter free with desk organizersand file folders. Desk organizers, storage boxes and containers will keep your work desk clean and sorted so that you focus more on the tasks assigned rather than getting distracted by the mess.
  • Use Notes for Motivational Reminders: Use sticky notes to display your favourite motivational quotes. When energy levels ebb, during an eight-hour work schedule, few inspiring words can send your energy levels soaring. So, scribble out words from icons you idolize, or the people who inspire you, and make sure they are posted beside your workstation so that by merely looking at them, you get motivated to reach your goals.