Now simplify your leak detection process using the right Leakage tester:

Leaks are always sudden and hazardous. The concentration of leakage decides the level of damage. This leakage problem is prevalent in complicated and significant industrial facilities. There are multiple reasons for causing the leakage like wear off the system, improper functioning, lousy installation, fluctuation in ambient condition, etc. It is hazardous when the leakage occurs in the system that is working with the compressed air.

Thus, leakage tester plays a vital role in the industrial process. Leakage tester is an electronic testing device used for fast leak detection. The gas leak detector comes with an integrated pump to quickly detect the gas present in the air like methane and propane. It comes with various accessories like a high-pressure probe, high-pressure connection, system case with feed unit, Y-distributor, etc. Some testers come with a clamp meter to measure leakage current with high accuracy. These testers can take accurate measurements with the resolution of 1 micro A. They also have the internal memory to store the readings up to 65000 points.

Basic features of gas leakage detectors:

  • It detects the gas leak or emission and can interface with the control system to turn off the ongoing process.
  • It alerts the operators about the area where the leakage has occurred by the alarm sound.
  • It can detect all types of gases like explosive, flammable, toxic gas or reduction in oxygen level.
  • It is majorly used in locations like oil rigs, monitor manufacture process and photo-voltaic process.
  • It comes with various sensors like combustible gas, photo-ionization, infrared point, an ultrasonic, electro-chemical, metal oxide semiconductor, etc.
  • These sensors are widely used in industries like plants, refineries, pharmaceutical, paper mills, aircraft, shipbuilding, wastewater treatment, vehicles, etc.

Numerous reasons for Gas Leak Detection:

  • Protection of personnel and property - Gas detectors are used for preventing the hazards that can be caused by gas leakage. It may badly destroy the personnel and property if not taken care in time.
  • Following environmental regulations - In today’s time, OSHA and environmental regulations have become stricter, and thus the demand for gas detectors have increased rapidly.
  • Reliability - Gas detectors have helped in improving the reliability of equipment to great extent.
  • Energy Loss - As the cost of the process is directly proportional to the energy source, there should not be wastage in energy. By conserving the fuel like natural gas or propane from leaking out, users can avoid the energy losses.

Few of the common sectors that require leakage detection process include gas utilities, plumbing, HVAC, domestic home use, furnace, water heaters, tanks, etc.

Types of Leakage Testers:

  • Portable detectors - It is used to monitor the real-time condition around the personnel. It is either handheld or worn over cloth or belt. It is generally battery operated. It has the alarm in the form of visible signals, audible message or flashing lights.
  • Fixed type detectors - It is used for detecting one or more type of gas. It is installed near the process area or control room of the plant. It is also applicable to use for residential areas. Sometimes it comes with a tripping interlock that is activated during an emergency situation.
  • Oxygen gas analyzer - It is used to measure the content of oxygen in the exhaust gas after combustion. It is used for various applications like ambient air monitoring, combustion monitoring, marine and land inerting and control.
  • Combustible gas detector - It is a device used to detect the presence of combustible, flammable, toxic, and oxygen depleting gases within the surrounding. It is mainly used in industrial plants to detect gas leakage before it reaches an explosive level.
  • Current tester - It is an electronic device that can measure a variety of parameters like current, voltage, resistance and continuity. It is mostly used by electrical contractors to access live wires and circuit breakers to electrical panels and power transformers.
  • Refrigerant leak detector - It can detect all the most common cooling agents like CFCs, HFCs and FCs. As it is a sensitive device, it can detect even the smallest leaks. Once the refrigerant comes in contact with a heated ceramic diode, the electric current is generated to trigger an alarm.

Based on the types of refrigerant:

  • Electronic - It comes with a transducer that is sensitive to sounds present within the system of pipes. It is used for detecting the leakage of the water system, drains, industrial pipes, steam pipes, oil pipes and other pipes transporting liquids.
  • Infrared - It emits the beam of infrared light by detecting the gas that may be present in the path of the beam. It is mainly used in various industries like petroleum and petrochemical. It can detect the flammable gases present in the environment very quickly. It is used for remote sensing and can detect hydrocarbons and other active gases such as water vapor and carbon dioxide.
  • Halide - It uses an acetylene and propane gas to heat the copper disc to detect the refrigerant leak. It is detected in the form of a green color flame.
  • Fluorescent additives - It is used for detecting the leakage of operating fluid from the working system. Perylene based fluorescent compounds or naphthalimide based compounds are some of the standard fluorescent dyes.
  • Ultrasonic - It detects the acoustic emission generated when the pressured gas expands in the low-pressure area. It cannot detect the concentration but the leak rate of escaping gas. It is commonly used at offshore and onshore gas platforms, gas compressor, metering station, gas turbine power plant, etc.
  • Holographic - It uses light reflection to detect changes in a polymer film matrix containing hologram. The holographic sensors require light sources such as white light or laser.

1.Lutron DL 6054 - 200 mA to 200 A ACA Leakage Tester - It is suitable for both industrial and domestic use. It is a highly accurate device that can measure low leakages with high precision. It has a current measuring range of 200 mA to 200 A. It is light in weight and easy to carry the device. The device also comes with a low battery indicator.

Lutron DL 6054 - 200 mA to 200 A ACA Leakage Tester

2. Kusam Meco KM 5550 - 1.5 V Combustible Gas Leak Detector - It comes with the high-quality Japanese sensor. It provides an indispensable capacity to detect gas leakage instantly. It comes with a high-quality sensor of the planar semiconductor. It is handy equipment with a precise display.

Kusam Meco KM 5550 - 1.5 V Combustible Gas Leak Detector

3. Kusam Meco KM 310 - Refrigerant Leak Detector - It is used to detect the refrigerant leak in household and factory refrigerant appliances. The refrigerant leak detector comes with different colored LED leak indicating functions with three sensitivity indicator levels. It is easy to operate and gives an accurate measurement. It is a portable device with a sensitive diode sensor part.

Kusam Meco KM 310 - Refrigerant Leak Detector