N95 Mask: Things to Consider before Buying, Price & More

With the outbreak around Covid-19, when governments, health professionals and experts around the world are repeatedly recommending, the people to cover their face, while out of their homes, more and more people are looking out for the proper face mask that will help them to carry on this new normal. Since the epidemic, face masks have become an essential part of our lives.

There are plenty of face masks available in the market. So, how to choose a good mask? Reusable vs one-time use mask? Clothes or synthetic covers? What about the price?  You might be getting a lot of information and mixed messages about what’s safe and unsafe? In this post, I will be discussing things to consider before the N95 mask- the most popular and talked about face mask.

What is a N95 mask?

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Directorate of India, N95 masks are respiratory protective devices with high filtration efficiency to airborne particles. The Masks comes with duckbill/cup-shaped structure design and offers high fluid resistance, excellent breathability and expiration, clearly identifiable internal and external faces.

What can N95 mask filter?

The Mask can prevent 95 per cent of germs and impurities present in the environment. It can filter dirt, contamination, bacterias, and Pollens. However, the Mask can not filter synthetic gases and chemical vapours. Besides, recent research has shown that the N95 masks with valved respirators are not effective in prohibiting Covid-19 infection as well. In May 2020, the San Francisco Department of Public Health warned the inappropriate usage of N95 masks.

The functionality of Valve in N95 Mask?

As compared to conventional masks, the valve or the raised plastic gasket in the N95 Mask allows more natural exhalation, prevents humidity, lower heat and carbon dioxide accumulation inside the Mask.

What is the price of N95 Mask?

In India, depending upon the quality, the N95 Mask can vary from Rs 199 to Rs 599. The masks with a valve are more expensive than face covers without valve.

Things to consider before buying N95 mask

- Consult with your health care provider before buying masks for you, especially if you are suffering from a pre-existing respiratory disorder, heart conditions, pregnancy or other ailments.

- Don’t use a cracked mask. Take it off and replace it with a new mask.

- Discard your Mask correctly in the trash. Wash your hand with soap and water after use.

- Children and people with beards should avoid using N95 masks as this may not fit on their face.

Top N95 masks

Here is the list of top n95 masks

  1. 3M 9010 N95 - Anti Pollution Mask
  2. Nova Safe - N95 Pink Respirator Face Mask without Filter (Pack of 6)
  3. Venus Safety V 4400 N95 - Pack of 5 Filtering Facepiece Respirator Mask
  4. Nova Safe - N95 Black Respiratory Face Mask without Filter (Pack of 6)