Must - have plumbing tools for every homeowner.

Leaking pipes, non -functional taps, and blockages in kitchen sink are some of many nagging worries which trouble every homeowner. You may have to run from pillar to post to get hold of a local plumber to get your issues fixed. Getting plumbers to do smaller fixes itself is a challenge. Therefore, it helps to have some handy plumbing tools so that you can sort some of these issues yourself and save time and money.

* Pipe Wrench: Pipe wrenches form an integral part of any plumbing kit. These wrenches can take care of most of your plumbing worries. Pipe wrenches help in loosening, removing and tightening pipes. It comes with a protruding structure similar to a jaw that can adjust according to the size of fitting or connection. At times, you might need more than one pipe wrench for plumbing jobs, one for holding and another one for turning. Chain pipe wrenches are adjustable wrenches which include a forged steel handle attached with a heavy sprocket chain. It can be used as a ratchet wrench.

* Pliers: Pliers come in different shapes and sizes and offer better grip on nuts and bolts. They can fix issues related to joints and valves easily. Pliers have plastic handles meant for providing insulation.

* Hacksaw: Hacksaws can help you in cutting pipes and metal/plastic screws. It is necessary to keep a watch on the sharpness of the hacksaw blade so that you can cut things faster.

* Metal file: Metal files make cutting metal look easy. These files come in different sizes, and metal files with rat-tail are quite popular.

* Spanner: Spanners have a tremendous utilitarian value in plumbing. A spanner set is a must for every household. It can help you in tightening screws and nuts of different sizes. Spanners have different variants:

a) combination of open-end and ring end

b) double-end spanner

c) double ring spanner

Combination of open-end and ring end spanners are double ended devices where one end acts like an open-ended spanner, and the opposite end acts like a box-ended spanner. Both ends have equal sizes. Adjustable spanners are open-ended instruments with a jaw which is easily movable. It can be used along with various fasteners such as nuts and bolts. They are most versatile of all spanners

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