Know everything about Makita Angle Grinder:

Makita brand holds the prime image in their customer’s mind for it's high quality and innovation. Makita angle grinders are suitable for heavy duty tasks such as cutting metal and stones. The device operates on a brushless motor and thus improves its power and battery life. It is known for high power outputs and performance and can also be used for grinding and polishing purposes. The other benefits of this equipment are high capacity and efficiency. Some of its common applications include removing rust or paint from metal, polishing steel, cutting or grinding hard metals, etc.

Unique features of Makita Angle Grinder:

  • The standard speed range delivered by the motor of this device is around 8500 rpm.
  • It has an automatic speed control function to adjust the speed and torque for cutting and grinding tasks.
  • The thumb activated switch improves the user experience as it locks into the ON position for a longer time.
  • Makita angle grinder is a versatile tool useful for various tasks like cutting, grinding, sharpening, carving, etc.
  • The device is very comfortable to use as it is a smooth and finely tuned machine.
  • It can be operated on both electricity and battery.
  • The angle grinder is majorly used in the fabrication industry and deburring process to smoothen the surface of metal.
  • As the machine is equipped with diamond blades it can be operated even at a high temperature level.
  • The grinding unit comes with a dual layered insulation that improves the safety of the device.
  • Along with the mechanical and automobile industry, makita angle grinder is applicable also for the civil engineering industries.
  • Other special features consist of shaft lock to change the wheels, ergonomic paddle design, sophisticated gear system with a key.

Important factors to consider while choosing the right Makita angle grinder:

  • Disc Size – The standard grinding disc size range is between 4 to 12 inches. The smaller discs are suitable for tight space projects. The larger disc grinder is perfect for grinding larger areas. The disc size depends on the type of task in a project.
  • Motor Size – The size of the motor decides the power of the grinder. The smaller size motor delivers the power of up to 7.5 amp suitable for smaller jobs around the house. They are usually cordless, ideal for tighter space areas. The larger angle grinder delivers the power up to 12 to 13 amps range. This type of device is appropriate for day in day out tasks or with welds.
  • Cordless or Corded – In current scenario cordless machines are preferable as cable restricts the usage while performing the grinding task. Due to modern technology, there is availability of general-purpose cordless angle grinder. Although it is suggested to use the corded angle grinder to grind a lot of welded metals or polish larger surfaces.

Advantages of Makita Angle Grinder over other brands:

  • Machine weight – Makita angle grinder is around 5 to 6 pounds in weight and hence it is a pack of high power and durability. It is equipped with metal gear housing and unique ball bearing design.
  • Grinding Speed – Usually the speed of makita angle grinder is between 8500 to 12000 rpm. It generally has a single speed system so it becomes difficult if the user is looking for a variable speed option.
  • High durability and usage – It comes with a right cut wheel that is suitable for fabrication shops and job sites. They last for a longer time if taken good care and used properly.
  • Ease of Use – The lock on switch is useful to prevent accidental triggers. Also, a makita angle grinder is coupled with a wrench accessory to adjust the wheel guard.
  • Warranty – Makita brand offers a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Top-selling Makita Angle Grinders available online:

Makita 9553NB - 4 Inch, 710W Angle Grinder Slide Switch – It is a highly powerful tool that is compact and thus can be held in a single hand. It comes with a Labyrinth construction that protects the device from dust and debris. This makita angle grinder is an ideal option for professional users.

Makita 9558HN - 5 Inch, 840W Angle Grinder Slide Switch – It comes with a high performance motor to carry out the function of masonry cutting. The machine comes with a long barrel grip for extra comfort and easy handling purpose. The slide switch option allows one hand operation to switch the machine on and off easily. Some of its benefits include excellent heat resistance, dust resistance, shaft lock for easy wheel change option.

Makita 9553B - 4 Inch 710W Angle Grinder Toggle Switch – It has a no-load speed of 11000 rpm powered by a 710 watt motor. It is suitable for final finish of surfaces and cutting the metal. This angle grinder is double insulated and that makes the device robust and unique. The toggle switch machine is used for both grinding and welding purposes. Few of its features include no overheating, lightweight, compact, and high efficiency.