List of Office Stationery Items with images

Office Stationery Items help your office staff and employees to work productively. Thus, there is a constant need of these office supplies to help the employees perform their job tasks more conveniently. Based on the office strength, you can decide the quantity of these stationery items required for the company. Mail supplies, computer supplies, printer supplies, presentation supplies, cutting stationery and general stationery are the basic office stationery categories required for the standard office needs. These categories include numerous types of stationery items. We are covering the primary and most useful options that apply to every kind of company. Let us check each one of them below in this blog.

List of Office Stationery Items:

  • A4 size and photocopier paperA4 size sheets are compatible with all kinds of photocopying systems. It is mainly used for printing the advertisement and promotional content, newspaper, copy, etc. It is generally thinner than printer paper and jam-free. It is both cost-effective and easy to use paper. A4 size paper has a standard size of 210 x 297 in millimeters or 8 x 11 inches. It is lightweight and suitable for multiple office purposes.
A4 size and photocopier paper 
  • Writing and correction pen and holderEven in today's time there is a need of pen and pencil for all kinds of professions. Fountain pens, markers, pencils, pens and sketch pens are among the types used for office work. It comes in various colors, sizes, designs, patterns and brands. Correction pen is used for fixing the mistake with the white ink. Ballpoints are one of the most common office stationery that is easy to use and smooth in writing. Fountain pens have a point of nib, metal body with an ink filling mechanism. They are generally used for calligraphy writing. The marker pens come in 2 types -permanent and non-permanent. These markers come in several color shades.
Writing Pen
  • Printer CartridgesThere are two types of cartridges – toner and ink type used for printing documents and photos of the same quality. Toner cartridges are used for producing the copies of images without compromising on the charged ions. The printer cartridge's printhead consists of 4 parts, namely – nozzle plate, cover plate, ink chamber, and resistor.
Printer Cartridges 
  • Computer suppliesBlank media discs, cleaning kits and pen drives come under the computer supplies category. Blank media disc has the type CD and DVD that are high definition storage devices. Recordable and rewritable are its types. DVD is mainly used for storing the software, computer files and video programs as well. The cleaning kit is used for cleaning all types of screens of laptops, LCD, TV, Tablets, camera, mobile phones, etc. It comes with organic gel formula, brush and micro-fiber cloth. Pen-drive is a small storage device like a pen that is connected to the computer from a USB port. It is used for transfer and saving of the data files and folders.
Computer supplies
  • File and folder accessoriesFile box, file folders, pocket files, file labels, ring binders and index dividers are some of the file and folder accessories. Clip files, arch files, ledge files, conference files, report files, display files and clear, document folder, paper file folder, etc. are certain types of files and folders suitable for office purposes. They are usually used for assembling and organizing the documents, papers, reports in single place.
File and folder accessories 
  • Tapes & scissorsThe backing material of tape is made up of BOPP, or matte BOPP coated with water-based acrylic adhesive then cut into small rolls. There is an easy tear type of tape which is in an upgraded form. The two sides of tape edges are specially treated to tear the tapes using their hands easily. Tapes come in various forms like transparent, removal, white, super clear, crystal clear, double-sided, specialty type, etc. Scissors come with multiple types of blades for deep, extra-long cuts, shallow snips, etc. to perform different cutting jobs. An all-purpose scissor is an ideal option for office space. Micro-tip scissors come with extra fine pointed blades for precise cutting application.
Tapes & scissors 
  • Highlighters – It is used for highlighting important points in documents, books or files. It comes in fluorescent color shades to categorize the ideas in the subject matter. It comes with a chisel tip, blade-style tip, liquid pen-style tip, etc. The retractable highlighter prevents the tip of it from drying out. You can use it on all types of papers that come in a single piece or multipack option. Some of its features include quick-drying, odorless ink and vibrant color shades.
  • Punching machinesSome of its types include 2-hole, eyelet/rivet, slot type, single hole, electric hole type punching machine. It is used for punching the holes in paper and assembling the documents in files to organize the work. Single hole, double and triple holes are common types of punching machines. The heavy-duty punches are suitable for punching holes in 300 paper in a single instance. Electric operated paper punches are convenient to use and extremely accurate in operation. It is powered with the batteries and uses an inbuilt motor for automatic punching. It is easy to carry even outside the office.
Punching machines
  • Staplers and staples – They are used for compiling the documents by joining them together with staple pins. It is basically used for fastening the pages of paper. Manual, electric and pneumatic are various types of staplers. The desktop stapler can punch about 70 pages at once, whereas the heavy-duty type of machine can punch 100 pages or more than that. Electric staples are faster and powerful than the manual one and can punch the thicker stack of paper.
Staplers and staples
  • Packs and pouches - It is basically used to protect and enhance the documents with their quality laminating cover. It is ideal for storing various documents used as instructional materials and notices. These pouches are made up of high plastic composition with a firm and glossy finish. It comes in multiple sizes and thicknesses.
Packs and pouches
  • Presentation suppliesWhiteboards, markers and erasers come under presentation supplies. Along with this cleaning wipes, eraser refill pads, flipchart pads are various accessories required in the presentation room. The reusable whiteboard is the quick, simple and instant solution in communicating the ideas with your team. It is applicable for professionals, trainers, workers of short and long term projects. Markers are like sketch pens with broad nozzle tips that come in bright color shades. They are used for writing on blank boards to convey the concepts by writing them down. Erasers are dusters or wipes are used to clear off the written part and reuse the board for later purpose.
Presentation supplies
  • Stamps and stamp supplies include stamp pads and ink bottles, price markers, stamps, etc. To legitimate the paperwork, there is a need for using a symbol. Wax, leather, rubber, notary, price and eco friendly are some types of stamps used in office work. The stamp pads are usually made up of water-based and refillable ink in a durable plastic case.
Stamp supplies
  • CalculatorsIt is used for calculating both simple and complex calculations in a convenient and easy format. Basic display calculators are easy to use and carry. The specialized calculators come with the printing option and function suitable for business operations. A financial calculator is applicable for complex business types and performing financial functions. A scientific calculator is for calculating math, science and biology matter. Graphing calculator is used for calculating complex mathematical equations like geometry and trigonometry.
  • Sticky notesSticky notes are used to note down certain vital information for future reference and jot down the ideas that come to your mind at the time of working. They come in various colors and sizes. They are convenient to stick and mark your data. Also, they are easy to remove or reposition near your cubicle. They are made up of paper material for smooth writing purposes. The notes help in organizing, referencing and indexing your office tasks.
Sticky notes 
  • DiariesEmployers use it in noting down their upcoming meetings and important job-related tasks and events. Diary is also used to write down the learning aspects gained during the training sessions or conferences. It is also used for recording phone numbers, email, postal address, etc. Users can use it for jotting down the financial expenses in their business. It is mainly used to put the ideas and concepts in words and save it in a diary for a longer time.


Above mentioned, office stationery items help improve the office process's efficiency and effectiveness. They add more value to the system when the items are easily accessible and placed at the proper office space areas. Certain miscellaneous office items are equally important like the paper tray, laser pointer, glue, laminator, batteries, notice board, scales, etc. To buy these products online, you can check our website and avail for our ongoing offers and discounts.

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