List of Measuring Instruments used in Daily Life

Measuring Instruments are useful for measuring the physical quantity of real-world objects and events. They are applicable for various sectors like physical science, quality assurance, and engineering. Electrical, electronic and mechanical are different types of measuring instruments.

Different Types of Measuring Instruments:

  • Measuring TapeIt is used for measuring the length of the physical object. Carpenters commonly use it in their lines of work. It is very convenient and portable and thus can be easily carried from one place to another. It usually comes with the handy switch that locks the tape into the steady place. And when you release it, the tape retracts back inside the casing instantly.
Measuring Tape
  • Level – It is used for measuring and determining if the object is in level or balanced. It comes in various styles. The digital type of levels is handy and comes with a digital display.
  • Ruler – It is useful in various situations like drawing the line and measuring the distance. It is useful for the kids in their school projects. The architect can use it in designing the building or construction workers in judging the straightness of their work. Thus, it is suitable for all types of academic purposes.
  • Pressure GaugeIt is mainly used to determine air and water pressure in your daily life. It is also used as a medical appliance by the hypertension patients to monitor their blood pressure.
Pressure Gauge
  • Thermometer – It is used to measure the body and surrounding temperature. It comes in different styles and suitable for both kids and adults. The digital thermometer has a digital display that works faster than the traditional ones.
  • Clocks – It is used to measure the time and help you in managing it for doing multiple lined up tasks. Analog and digital are 2 types of clocks available in the market. It works on the batteries and is passively needed throughout the day. Wristwatches and clocks in smartphones are the other means of showing the time to the user.
  • Speedometer – It is used to determine the speed of objects and mostly used inside the automobiles. It is also used outside vehicles for certain scientific purposes.
  • Measuring Cups – These are another vital tool that you cannot avoid for any reason. They are mainly used for measuring the food items and are mostly preferred by the bakers and cooks. Thus, the measuring cups help in cooking things appropriately.
Measuring Cups
  • Glucometer – It is a type of medical device that is primarily used for checking the blood sugar level. Diabetic patients more often use it. The advanced models can be coupled with the smartphone application to show the additional information.
  • Compass – The architect commonly uses it for drawing the circles. It is also used for measuring the distance between 2 points on the map. It can be used even in the shipbuilding and carpentry sector.


Be it a time, length, size, speed, sound, light, weight, pressure or temperature measuring these parameters are the whole and sole part of our daily routine. From regular medical check-ups, measuring the weight of groceries, transportation to controlling the temperature while cooking are the common aspects where measuring instruments are essential. So, start taking the correct measurements now by choosing the right type of measuring instruments online. To get more details, kindly visit our website and check some of our exciting offers and deals on these measuring tools and equipment.