Know the difference between Rotary Drill and Hammer Drill

If you are willing to drill the holes into various materials like concrete, wood, masonry, etc. then the first thing that comes to your mind is either a rotary drill or hammer drill. We must decide whether which drill type is more suitable for our job. Then at the later stage, you can figure out and purchase the drill with more confidence. Usually, we are caught into the dilemma that as the names of the drills are similar so the machines too might be having the same functionality. But it is not the real case. These are two different tools used for different applications.

Rotary drill is a type of power tool used for performing tasks like chiselling, hammering, and drilling the hard materials like concrete, masonry walls, etc. It uses a piston mechanism instead of a special clutch. It is preferred for drilling bigger holes at a faster speed as well. They are a robust and durable type of tools that have a high power with advanced technology, safety and comfort. It is small and compact in size and so can be used even in congested areas.

Hammer drill machine is used for hammer drilling in concrete, wood, metal or masonry. It is used in construction sites or by electrician while repairing jobs. It is basically used for hammering materials and providing quick drilling by saving both your time and efforts. User can also adjust the setting of the drilling as per the type of material. It is loud and heavy in construction. It has a dual-mode option, variable speed reversing switch, ergonomic handle, roll ball and bearing construction, etc. The cordless hammer drill is one of its types. It is suitable for drilling light metal gauge, wood, concrete, etc. Also, it comes with high impact demolition steel chisels.

When to go for Hammer Drill? It is an equipment that includes clutch used for spinning the drill bit efficiently. It travels a short distance in the process of coming in and out during the rapid functioning. It is the right choice for light masonry work.

Hammer Drill

When to go for Rotary Drill? It is an improved version of the hammer drill. It has a highly durable air pressure system that is constituted with the piston assembly. Due to its versatility, it can be used for both houses as well as complicated projects.

Rotary Drill

Rotary drill vs Hammer drill, which proves to be better option over the other? The significant difference in terms of working principle between these drills is

In the case of hammer drill, the hammering blows in the direction of the hole that is getting drilled. Whereas in the case of the rotary hammer, the hammering action is in the direction of the rotation pattern.

In case you are willing to do the drilling of bigger holes that are larger than one inch in diameter, then it is recommended to use the rotary hammer. If speed is the concern and you want to accomplish your drilling task in a very shorter span, then you must go for the hammer drill. The regular carpentry and minor home repair jobs can be fixed by a hammer drill machine very quickly.

Conclusion - Both the drills have their pros and cons. Thus, it is the user's job to analyse the project needs and thereby select the most suitable drill type. It will help them in achieving the optimum results due to the high performance of the selected drill. So, start with your research work now by checking out all drills available and choose the best fit drill that will make justice to your projects.

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