Know the difference between Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting:

In this period of Covid-19 pandemic, we came across words like cleaning, sanitization and disinfection. But are we aware of the real difference between these terms, though they sound to be alike? Each term has a unique feature and functionality that we are going to discuss today in this blog! Also, it is very crucial to know which is the proper method to opt for protecting ourselves from the infection present around us. So, let us find out the core difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting process.

Difference between Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting:

Cleaning – It is the process of removing the dirt, dust and germs to a certain extent. The user can remove visible soil, debris, micro-organisms, and organic substances from the surface with cleaning. Cleaning is suggested to perform always prior to the sanitizing and disinfecting process. It is to improve the effectiveness of each method. Usually, the soap or detergent solution with water is used for cleaning the surfaces.

Sanitizing – It is the process of reducing the bacteria to a safe level and decreasing the risk of infection. Sanitization doesn’t kill the presence and growth of bacteria. Mopping the floor using the mop dipped in chemical solution and water, cleaning the utensils in the dishwasher and using an antibacterial wipe on the furniture are various forms of sanitization activities. Generally, sanitizers are used on food contact surfaces or kitchen platforms as they have less harsh chemicals than disinfectants. Although, it is recommended to check the label of sanitizer and ensure whether the product is a form of food safety solution.

Disinfecting – It is the process of eliminating or killing the pathogens, bacteria and disease-causing microorganisms. Disinfecting is proved as the most reliable method to prevent the spread of infection or germs. A few of the common disinfectants include bleach and alcohol solutions. The disinfectant with emerging pathogens claims is useful to disinfect the Covid-19 virus. They are majorly used in hospitals and other medical premises. The highly touched areas like doorknobs, toilet handles, and sinks can be purified using disinfectants at home.

Key Notes: Once you finish disinfecting the surfaces using the wipes, it is needful to wash your hands properly. It should be done to avoid the problem of skin reaction or blistering rashes. Thus, try to keep your hand gloves on while using the disinfectant solutions. At the same time, hand sanitizer is an ideal option when you are outside the home or in a public place. But, washing your hands with soap and water for about 20 seconds is a better option than using hand sanitizer when present at home.


I hope the above information will help you match the product with the correct method and maintain the proper hygiene around your space. So, make it a regular habit to keep your home and office space clean & safe from germs and viruses in this challenging time of the pandemic. At Shakedeal you can find various high quality brand cleaning supplies for efficient cleaning and maintenance.