Know All About The Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter is a Temperature and Humidity Measuring Instrument used to measure the percentage of water in a given substance. It is generally used to determine if the material is ready to use, unexpectedly wet or dry or otherwise in need of future inspection. An imbalance of moisture can cause bad effects as excessive moisture and little moisture both can cause undesired mold, bacteria growth to cracks and defects, etc. It comes with an LED-indicators to show the percent reading on the scale for dry, moderate and wet readings.

Various types of Moisture Meters:

  • Pin type moisture meter – It has two pins on the instrument that are used to penetrate in the test surface at a required depth. The meter is used to calibrate wood to take a moisture reading. It operates on an electric current between the two pins. Users can obtain a reading by touching the pins to the surface for testing. Users can use it for concrete, drywall, ceiling tiles, painted surface, etc. They are the only instruments that can identify the exact location of moisture at a given point. Also, it can determine the difference between shell and core moisture content.
  • Pin-less moisture meter – It works on the principle of electrical impedance. Pin-less meter provides a non-destructive measurement of moisture in wood and other substrates like concrete or gypsum. It is used to identify moisture content on concrete subfloor and flooring before laying a wood floor or other decorative flooring surface. This device is also used to determine moisture build-up behind bathroom tiles, under vinyl flooring and other finished surfaces.
  • Pin/Pin-less/All in one – It uses two methods to identify both problem areas and recognize the exact location where the moisture damage has occurred. All in one type of meter is used to determine the moisture level of wood, paper, drywall, concrete, etc. It ensures the quality and integrity of materials used in construction projects. The device is mostly used by flooring specialists, indoor air quality specialists, general contractors, and building inspectors.

Working of Moisture Meter:

-Its primary function is to measure the moisture level of various types of materials. The measurement can be in the form of analogue reading or digital type.

-The moisture meter has a color indicator that lights up according to the different levels of moisture content. Green – dryness, yellow – moderate moisture, red – high moisture.

Types of Applications:

  • Wood – It is used for various environmental measurement applications, assessing the moisture content of wooden furniture and timber frames.
  • Caravans – It is used for inspecting the damp interior level. The sealant used in caravans is known to deteriorate after a certain period due to moisture.
  • Soil – It is used to identify levels in soil, compost and vegetation. The meter is mostly used by farmers, gardeners and conservation experts. It is to ensure an environmental condition that is ideal for growing plants, flowers and crops. It can also assess the type of soil and calibrate the irrigation systems.
  • Plants – It is used to ensure that the plants have enough water. This equipment can also monitor the dampness of soil to check the required level of water in the soil. It indicates if the soil is wet, moist or dry at the root level for the large potted plants.
  • Walls – It can accurately assess the levels of moisture within different types of walls. The moisture meter indicates the evidence of rising or penetrating damp within the foundation walls, floors, and timbers. Also, it assesses the dryness or surfaces before tilling work takes place.
  • Concrete – It is used to measure the moisture level in various building and construction materials. The meter can also measure the moisture level of concrete floor covering, slab, beams, and other building materials.

Factors to consider while selecting the right Moisture Meter:

  • Accuracy – It is better to have a 0.1% accuracy rate. It shows the reading in the form of the percentage of moisture content. The meter is calibrated to use with wood and has a scale between 5% dry to 40% saturated.
  • Durability – As the moisture meter is used regularly on job sites, it is good to have high durability of the meter. It is suggested to prefer a meter with the rubberized casing, heavy-duty design or shock resistance built-in. That will help to reduce the frequency of meter replacement.
  • Ease of Use – It is better to have simple to use the meter as it has straight forward design and consistent reading. The moisture meter with backlit, digital display and easy to read measurement is suitable and convenient to use.
  • Range of Measurement – The range of measurement is the minimum and maximum moisture percentage it can read. Broader the range the less precisely the meter will measure the moisture. Whereas smaller the range is more accurate, the measurement is taken.
  • Additional features – This includes a temperature display that can track the hot or cold-water leak to locate the source. Memory function helps to track the previous readings and audible alerts for moisture level reading. Carrying case is there to protect the moisture meter from getting corroded.

Best Moisture Meter Models available online:

Precise - 4 In 1 Moisture Meter – It is a small handy tool used to measure the soil moisture before watering the plant. This moisture meter has easy to read levels and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Beech VMM 01 - 148x52x30 mm Wood Moisture Meter – It is preferred for high accuracy and fast response. The wood moisture meter comes with a low battery indication and temperature compensation feature. The auto -power shut off in 10 mins without any operation.

Kusam Meco KM 963 - 9 V Digital Wood Moisture Content Meter – It has easy calibration and bright LCD. Kusam Meco meter is mainly used in the construction and architectural industry. The device can save the current test data for use in the post-test.


Moisture Meter is a type of environmental monitoring equipment that measures and monitors the moisture levels of the environment. It ensures if the environmental condition has an appropriate moisture level. Hope the article is helpful for you in terms of delivering all the information related to Moisture Meter. Also, check our high-quality Moisture meter products available online at reasonable price rates.