How to use an infrared thermometer?

Infrared thermometers are used to measure temperatures from a distance and are used for a wide variety of everyday uses.These non-contact thermometers are appropriate when you have to take temperatures of objects without having to touch them. In the electrical and manufacturing industry, infrared thermometers are used to detect overheated pieces of equipment and circuits.It is of paramount importance to know the right way of using infrared thermometers so that you can get measure temperature readings accurately. Let's understand how to use infrared thermometers in the right way.

Distance to Spot Ratio : Distance to spot ratio is an important factor to bear in mind while using infrared thermometers. This ratio denotes the diameter of the area vis-a-vis the distance from the object. Distance to spot ratios vary a lot and can change with a slight change in the distance. It is therefore essential to check the thermometer manual for distance to spot ration quotient.

Laser Pointer : Some infrared thermometers come with a laser pointer which directs towards the centre of measurement area. It should be borne in mind that the laser pointer only acts as a pointer, but the actual measurement area is quite wider than the area illuminated by the laser pointer.

Ambient Temperature: For accurate readings, it is advisable to allow close to 20 minutes for the infrared thermometer to get used to the surrounding temperature. Infrared thermometers combine the best of convenience, accuracy and speed when used in the right manner.

To get accurate results from infrared thermometers:

*Keep an eye on the distance to spot ratio so that you are close enough to the target object.

*The lens of infrared thermometers should be kept clean and free of scratches.

*Steam or dust does have an impact on the accuracy of infrared thermometers.