How To Use a Magnetic Drilling Machine?

Before learning how to use the magnetic drilling machine, let us first understand what is the tool all about. It is also known as magnetic drill press, magnetic drill and portable drilling machine. The magnetic drilling machine is a portable device fitted with a cutting tool attachment and an electro-magnetic base. The device comes with a twist drill bit, annular cutter, milling cutter, rotary cutter, etc. It comes with a reversible motor and variable speed control to perform tapping, countersink and reaming. It can also perform milling with a cross table base. It is used for drilling holes in metals. One of its significant advantages is it can be used for drilling holes at remote locations, so the user doesn’t have to take work place to the machine.

Operational features of Magnetic Drilling Machine:

The magnetic drill press is an ideal option for both on-site and off-site jobs. It is applicable in various fields like construction, fabrication and heavy engineering industry. The portable magnetic drill is mainly used for drilling the holes, on-site and for repair or construction on structural steel. The latest models of these machines are light in weight and are suitable for manufacturing or fabrication shops. They can be used even at non controlled shop conditions. Also, it can be configurable in both vertical and horizontal positions. Automatic and semi automatic feed, pneumatic, cordless and horizontal are few of the types of the magnetic drill.

Mechanism and working principle of Magnetic Drill Press:

Magnetic drill machine works on a magnetic drill press motor. The mechanism of this motor is the same as that of the DC motor with particular speed and torque controls. Let’s now learn the working of magnetic drill machines in the following steps.

1. Place the magnetic drill press on the work-piece that is to be drilled.

2. Join the suitable core drill along with the ejector pin to the arbor as per the diameter and cutting depth of the hole that is to be made.

3. Align the magnetic drill machine with the placement where the hole is to be drilled.

4. Make the adjustment for getting the proper center of the hole. With the help of a pilot pin user can locate the center by touching it with the tip of the pin.

5. Plug in the machine with the power source depending on the model type.

6. You can control the speed of the machine by adjusting the gear to the required cutting speed rate.

7. Turn on the magnetic switch and the magnetic drill press motor accordingly. Never crash the cutter on the work-piece directly.

8. Turn on the lubrication tap for smooth operation. Use more lubricant for getting desirable results.

9. Apply the firm downward force to the machine during the drilling process. It helps in creating the hole in a work-piece. Note - Ensure that the drill is running on a firm steady feed rate.

10. Do the complete cutting of the work-piece with the help of an annular cutter and then bring back the motor to an initial state.

11. Always clean the workspace after finishing the drilling job to avoid unnecessary accidents.

By following the above instructions, the user can achieve the perfectly finished holes in less time and with more service life of both cutter and the machine.

Certain safety precautions while using the Magnetic Drill Machine:

  • It is a big no for using the machine in a flammable or potentially explosive environment.
  • It is recommended to use the machine under proper supervision and guidance only by a professional expert or a responsible person.
  • Pre-checking is must of the safety chain and functioning of the switches on the machine.
  • Always switch off the machine and remove the plug from the socket after use to avoid hazardous accidents.
  • Re-check the tool if tightened securely before using and never keep the connecting cables hanging over the edges.
  • Store the machine clean, dry, and free of oil and grease and out of the reach of children.