How to use a chainsaw?

Chainsaws are mainly used in trimming, pruning and cutting of wood. They have a mechanical power saw capable of cutting through materials such as wood. A set of teeth is connected to the rotating chain that goes through the guide bar of a chainsaw.  Chainsaws are powerful devices, and it is essential to understand how they work so that you can utilize them properly without inflicting any harm to oneself or others.

Let's discuss how to use a chainsaw safely and effectively.

Starting a Chainsaw:

You should read the owner's manual carefully before starting a chainsaw to familiarize yourself with safety features and operational controls. Personal protective equipment should be worn while operating the chainsaws. Some of the recommended protective gear are as follows:

Safety Helmet

Safety Eyewear

Safety Gloves and

Steel Toe Safety Shoes

For starting a chainsaw with a cold engine, you should place it on a flat surface and push the chain brake to the point it engages the chainsaw. You can start electric chainsaws with a pull trigger. It is advisable to use compatible extension cords as stated by the manufacturers.

Second Step: Pull the start/choke control on the chainsaw to ON position to get started. If your chainsaw has a decompression valve, then apply pressure on the primer b at least six times.

Third Step: Remember to hold the front handle with the help of your left hand and put the right foot on the back handle. Use your right hand to pull the starting handle until the chainsaw starts working. Use the ignition switch to turn off the chainsaw.

For making a cut with the chainsaw, use your left hand to hold the handle and tightly grab the rear handle with the help of the left hand. Put yourself in a stable position and then to disengage, pull back the chain brake. Chainsaws work best when the engine is pampered with full throttle. It is advisable to keep others as far as fifteen feet when you are operating a chainsaw to avoid risks.

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