Know how to Take Care of the Footwear that Takes Care of You

It is rightly said that Shoes reflect your personality. So, it is essential to take care of your shoes the same way as you are taking care of yourself. In today's time, there are numerous shoe types for every occasion that are needed. Thus, we end up having most of them to be event ready. But, are we taking good care of this footwear when they are bought and kept at our place? Many times we miss doing that and regret it later when the shoes get spoiled or damaged. So, after coming across this common problem for all of us, we came up with an article showcasing the various ways to take care of your shoes.

Different ways/tips to take proper care of your shoes:

Keep shoes away from moisture/dust – There is a formation of bacteria in the presence of moisture that can affect the shoe material. To keep your shoe moisture and bacteria-free, you can use the desiccants like silica pouches or gels.

Away from direct sunlight – The direct sunlight can create a dry rotting over your shoes outer layer resulting in the crumbling effect. Thus, keeping your shoes in a controlled environment with a balanced weather condition is suggested to extend their lifespan.

Store shoes in breathable fabric bags – New or occasional shoes are recommended to be kept in breathable fabric bags to protect them from dust, as dust can cause staining or degradation to your footwear after a certain duration.

Polish the shoes regularly – Shoe polish helps moisturize the shoe's outer part by adding a protective layer. This layer repels the dust and water component to a particular extent. The polish element helps to restore the color and hides all the scuffs or cracks. The wax polish helps to give a higher level of shine and bright finish to your shoes.

Hydrogen Peroxide + Baking soda for bright shoes – It is one of the effective ways to use the homemade mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to clean and brighten up your shoes. Apply this solution and leave it for 2 hours, and you can see the wonders happening to your shoes.

Apply cream to waterproof – When you know your surrounding weather conditions like snow or rain, it is good to apply a waterproofing agent over your shoes. You can get suitable options in waterproof sprays and products in a good shoe store.

Avoid leaving dirty shoes in the closet – If you leave the dirty shoes in the closet, the dirt settles down and spoils the texture of the shoes thoroughly. It also loses the shine and structure of your shoes if kept dirty for a longer time. So, make a habit of cleaning the muddy shoes and then storing them in the closet to maintain them properly. In case they are wet, wait until they are dry and then clean them off.

Use the right shoe products – It is suggested to use the right brush and cleaner for proper shoe care purposes. The product range for shoe care includes a brush, shoe cream, spray, shiner, polisher accessories, etc. By doing this, we are avoiding unnecessary damage or tampering to your footwear.

Rotate your shoe usage – You can avoid wearing the same pair of shoes on consecutive days when you keep an extra pair of shoes. It will thus improve the functional life of all your footwear pairs.


Best shoe care tips include regular shoe cleaning, rotating shoe usage, using shoe trees, polishing and using a shiner, etc. By following these tips, users can be assured of having their shoes in proper condition for a longer time. The other benefits of keeping your shoes clean are no more smelly feet, improved shoe durability, presentable appearance, and prevention of shoe damage. So, start taking care of your footwear in the right manner as shoes play a vital role in your overall look and personality.