How to store & clean power tools?

Be it hand tools or power tools; it is necessary to keep them clean and rust-free regularly. It is recommended to improve the life of the device. It might seem easy to clean and maintain these power tools, but it requires proper guidance and handling skills. Also, these tools come with a user manual that comprises cleaning instructions as well that might help the user. One of the common elements for cleaning the grease and rust from the tool is various type of lubricants available in the market. But are we aware of the fact that these lubricants can prove to be fatal for the tool? Mostly we aren’t. So to avoid these misconceptions and getting to know the real facts of cleaning & maintaining the tools we are sharing this piece of writing article to you.

Along with the user manual, the other necessary items that are required to clean the power tools are heavy-duty gloves, compressed air can, bucket having hot water, cloth, cleaning rags, vinegar, de-greaser, brush and approved tool cleaner solution. Following this, let us start to understand the various tips to store and clean the power tools correctly.

Tips to store and clean power tools:

1. Cool down the operated tool - Usually, the tool follows the mechanism of applying stress on the motor to run it. And, it results in the overheating of the operated tool. It mostly occurs when the user performs drilling in concrete material or sawing a hardwood. It also happens when the tool is operated for a long time with no stoppage in intervals. Thus, to avoid the issue of wearing off the motor or burning of tool parts, it is recommended to stop the tool in the middle. It will help the motor cool down in the breaks.

2. Use of protective wear - As the power tools are the combination of various spare parts and accessories, they may be sharp or harmful to your bare hands. Thus, it is necessary to have safety wear while handling power tools. It will help you to avoid cuts, burns or infections. So, start using the safety gloves, boots and safety goggles certified as per the industrial settings.

3. Complete & regular dirt removal - You might find dirt as a negligible element to hamper the tool’s performance, but it can even cause a sudden halt of the device. Thus, it is essential to remove the dirt present in the form of metal chips, sawdust, wood fragments, etc. There are numerous ways to clean this dust. It includes cleaning small air vents and nooks using an old brush, or removing dirt from the slotted track on the mitre saw using the vacuum cleaner. A typical way to clean and wipe the dust from the outside casing is by using a good cleaning cloth.

4. The ultimate need for lubrication - Lubrication is the key to maintaining the moving parts and allowing the tool to work correctly. Generally, the type of lubricant suitable for tools is mentioned in the manual instructions. There will be recommended cleaning solutions and methods that will keep your tool well lubed and parts to be non-chafing and non-corroding. It is also helpful to use degreasers and corrosion protectors to prevent rust formation over the tools.

5. Sharpening of bits and blades - If you use the blunt saw blades or drill bits, then you won’t get the desired results. Also, it will cause an overstress on the motor resulting in overheating of the tool and damaging the parts. Thus, sharpening the tool blades will help it stay long-lasting.

6. Regular Checkup of Calibration - Power tools are the form of precision instruments. It is a system of moving parts that are to remain in alignment. Thus, it is essential to re-calibrate the power tool in the specified time interval mentioned in the manual. Even there is a calibration service offered by various tool companies for their sold products.

7. The correct way to store power tools - It is always recommended to store the tool in a cool, clean and dry place. In case you store the tool in a moist place, it can affect the electrical components and also cause corrosion. The tools can be stored inside a case, toolbox or cabinet to avoid settling of dust or dirt when not in use.

8. Replacement of worn parts - After a certain time, the tool parts need to get replaced. Few of the common replacements include carbon brushes, drive belts, power cords and switch assemblies. For safety purposes, it is suggested to replace these parts before they get damaged.

9. Care for the battery - Lithium-ion is one of the standard types of cells in the market for power tools. It can be well maintained by placing it in a climate-controlled space. Also, it is suggested to avoid using the battery completely before recharging it again.

10. Big No to clean equipment with power source on - It is very risky to clean the tools with the power switched on. There must be proper guard installation to avoid fatalities. In case of portable tools while cleaning the power should be off and cable should be unplugged.


It is very disheartening to experience the breakdown of an expensive power tool within a few months of its purchase. And manufacturer’s warranties may not always work. So, to keep these problems away, it is beneficial to clean and store the power tools in the right manner. It will not only help you keep the tools safe but also ensure their long life.