How to stay safe from air pollution?

Vehicular and air pollution hogs limelight in prime-time debates and newspaper editorial pieces but nothing much changes on the ground. The powers that be continue to display indifference and their apathy to worsening air quality index in cities is appalling. Air-pollution and its ill-effects on human pulmonary and cardio functions are many. From breathlessness, nausea to vomiting, air pollution is one of the leading causes of respiratory and heart problems affecting people in general. Indoor air pollution is as harmful as the outdoor one. As air quality gets severe in homes as well as on streets, it is important to understand how can we protect ourselves from the dangers of air pollution.

How can you keep yourself safe from the harmful effects of air pollution? You need to invest in air purifiers to tackle indoor air pollution arising due to the usage of incense sticks, hairspray, deodorants and cleaning activities like sweeping and dusting.

N95 breathing pollution masks protect against 95 percent of dust, allergen, and pollutants. These masks are easily adjustable and are designed for user comfort. Their valve system facilitates easy breathing for the user with minimal heat restriction. These masks can be hand washed, and you do not need extra effort to maintain them. Some of the N95 masks come with activated carbon replacement filters.

People generally use face masks when air quality deteriorates, but these masks cannot protect lungs from smaller PM2.5 particles. These face masks make breathing easier but to safeguard from PM2.5 particles, masks with NIOSH/ EN, N95, N99, FFP3 should be used. The source of PM2.5 particles is mainly exhaust from vehicles, tobacco, smoke as a result of stubble or burning of crops. Disposable respirators like 3M 9000ING - Dust/Mist Respirator, BIS P1 can keep you safe from dust particles.

Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if you have difficulty breathing despite wearing respirators and anti-pollution masks.