How to Select Best Water Pump For Domestic Uses in India?

Water as a resource is becoming scarce day by day in urban as well in the villages. Apart from being used in household for drinking and cooking, water has a host of other use in industries of all types.  Majority of water consumption in cities and even in rural areas is dependent on groundwater. Water pumps, therefore, are in demand throughout the year and across various geographies in India.

Let's have a look at some of the best-selling water pumps for domestic use and key points to bear in mind while buying them. While selecting a water pump, it's essential to acknowledge the purpose for which you want to buy it. Flow rate, inlet size, motor, maximum head and pressure and vertical suction lift are some key parameters you should look for while purchasing water pumps.

Best Water Pumps for Domestic Use in India:

1. Havells Hi-Flow MX2 Series 0.5 HP Centrifugal Water Pump

Havells is the manufacturer one of the top-selling domestic water pumps in the country. The company also make a wide range of domestic circuit protection products and devices. Havells Hi-Flow MX2 series water pump is known for reliable performance, and innovative technology is at the heart of the product design. A highly efficient motor powers this 0.5 HP centrifugal water pump. It is equipped with both horizontal as well as vertical pumps to offer a holistic water pumping solution for both domestic and industrial uses. Havells water pumps carry one-year warranty and  are effecting in water-lifting to the upper tank and ideal for gardening as well as a variety of industrial purposes.

2. Kirloskar 40S Mini Water Pump

Kirloskar 40S Mini Water Pump

Kirloskar mini water pumps are light-weight and used for domestic use. They are also used for sprinkling lawns and gardens. These water pumps have the best in class flow rate. Kirloskar 40S mini water pump typically takes approximately 40 minutes to fill a large water tank. The superior quality of aluminium is used to manufacture Kirloskar water pumps. These pumps are capable of withstanding voltage fluctuations in the range of 180-240 volts. Their water pumping capacity is up to 500 litres per hour. Kirloskar mini water pumps are single-phase pumps with an energy rating of 1 horsepower. These water pumps are popular for domestic use because they are easy to use, light-weight and have an inbuilt overheat protection feature.

3. Crompton 0.5HP SP Aquagold 50 Water Pump

Crompton 0.5HP Aquagold water pumps are economical and famous for their longevity, superior performance and durability. These pumps are built using a stainless steel shaft. Crompton water pumps are known for smooth functionality and come with a brass impeller. Crompton 0.5HP Aquagold water pumps have a power rating of 0.37 kilowatts and have a discharge rate of 350-1500 LPM. Crompton water pumps are popular because they are affordable and their build quality is par excellence.

4. Kirloskar KOSi-135 5 Star HP Openwell Submersible Pump

 Kirloskar KOSi-135 5 Star HP Openwell Submersible Pump

Kirloskar KOSi -135 5 Star HP Openwell submersible water pumps are ideal for farm irrigation and water supply for construction and community. These water pumps have voltage ranges from 160 to 240 volts (Single Phase), and power-rating is 0.37 to 1.5 kW (0.5 to 2 HP). These water pumps are compact, light-weight with sturdy built. They have a flow rate of 132 litres per minute.