How to get rid of workplace clutter and enhance productivity?

De-cluttering is no longer a trend but has become a necessity. Whether it's your home or workspace, you would be better off in getting rid of stuff which does not have an optimized utility value quotient. Minimalism is the need of the hour, and it pays to get your things to maximize productivity at the work space.

While a lot has been written about de-cluttering, here's a list of ways you can choose and apply to your workplace :

  • Embrace minimalism: A productive worker focuses objectively on essentials that are required to complete daily tasks. Paperwork and random notes scattered all over the work desk not only distract but end looks messy.  Segregate and put your paperwork in file folders and put sticky names for identification. Get rid of stuff which you do not need and give your work desk and clean look.
  • Use an organized filing process for necessary paperwork: Choose relevant color codes for categories and leverage an effective visual filing system to help you get the right document when you need them.
  • Make room for the important stuff: It is equally important to make space for your important things while getting rid of the unwanted ones. Make sure you have enough space to have notepads, pen holders, presentation and meeting supplies at your work desk so that you don't end up in a meeting without a notebook and a pen. Office essentials like notepads and pens should be at your arm's length and always in stock when you need them.
Office Stationery
  • Choose workplace essentials wisely: It is necessary to stock office supplies that are easy to use, innovative and score high on reliability. As the cost of paper has been rising steadily, it makes economic sense to use re-writable diaries and notepads instead of usual paper notebooks.
Re-writable Notebooks
  • Organize your work desk at the end of the day: Before calling it a day, take few minutes to sort your work desk so that the next day you can start the day without any hassle.