How to choose the right tool for concrete drilling and demolition?

Construction activities related to infrastructure and housing involve a significant amount of concrete drilling and demolition. The marketplace is awash with a variety of tools, and it makes choosing the right tool a daunting task. You would require sturdy and robust tools for concrete, masonry and tile drilling. For all types of demolition activities, demolition hammers are the preferred choice.

Demolition hammers are also known as stomping hammers and chisel hammers. Demolition hammers are the power tools meant for demolishing structures. These powerful tools are strong enough to break down a variety of materials starting from wooden walls to concrete and tile flooring. These hammers can concentrate high impact energy on a specific area and are more effective than sledgehammers for bigger demolition tasks.

Types of Demolition Hammers

Demolition hammers are broadly classified into:

a) Pneumatic Hammers

b) Hydraulic Hammers

c) Electric Hammers

Pneumatic Demolition Hammers: Pneumatic demolition hammers are robust electromagnetic tools perfected for breaking pavements, stone, and concrete. These hammers  strike an uncanny resemblance with jackhammers.

Hydraulic Demolition Hammers: Hydraulic demolition hammers and breakers combine hard-hitting power and flexibility with exceptional ease. These hammers have a high impact rate which lets you demolish materials quickly.

Electric Demolition Hammers: Electric demolition hammers are powered by electricity and are best suited for chipping and breaking holes in more robust materials such as concrete.

Things to keep in mind while buying a demolition hammer:

To get maximum output from a demolition hammer, you need to be aware of specific features which  have a bearing on the performance of demolition hammers.

  • Size:The size of the demolition hammer plays a vital role in delivering powerful performance for heavy-duty tasks. If you can get your job done by a smaller demolition hammer, go with it. Smaller demolition hammers are compact and portable power tools which can be carried anywhere without any hassle.
  • Weight:Electric demolition hammers weighing more than 20 Kg can become cumbersome to handle. But if these hammers are operated vertically, weight does not pose a problem. It's advisable to choose lightweight demolition hammers, lesser than 20 kilograms so that you do not experience fatigue while operating these tools for an extended duration.
  • Chisel/Bits:Choose demolition hammers with SDS shank bits which lets you slip in a bit without tightening the chuck. Aegon, Bosch, and Makita come with SDS shanks and give you the flexibility to use a wide variety of bits.

Unlike rotary hammers, demolition hammers cannot be used for drilling because there is no rotating movement for the drill bit. Demolition hammers put high impact energy on tough materials such as concrete and break them down. If your project requires precision drilling, choose rotary hammers. They are the best tools for precision drilling tasks. Demolition hammers are costly, and therefore it makes sense to evaluate your project requirement judiciously before buying a demolition hammer.

Top Selling Demolition Hammers:


Bosch GSH 11 E - 1500 W Professional Demolition Hammer


Makita HM0870C - SDS-MAX Demolition Hammer


Foster FDH 0810 - 1300 W, 5 Kgs Demolition Hammer


Josch JH 65 A - 1240W 39.5 J Demolition Hammer


Aegon AH810 - 1240 W Demolition Hammer