How to choose the right LED bulb?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology has transformed the lighting landscape across the globe. It has been lapped up by businesses and homeowners alike with the same élan. It is popular, environment - friendly, efficient and has replaced all traditional incandescent white lighting bulbs. LED lights and lamps have gone mainstream and are widely used for all general lighting purposes.

LED technology offers unique potential for innovation and design, and this explains the broader application of LED lighting solution across various industries. Starting from street lights, residential, commercial to office workspaces, LED has become an omnipresent lighting solution.

What should you look for in LED lighting?

* Brightness: It is important to assess natural lighting as well as dimensions of space when deciding upon the brightness of the LED bulb. Extra light can cause discomfort, and the glare can prove to be unpleasant.

* Light Intensity: It is essential to attach importance to light intensity while narrowing down on LED lighting solutions. Improper lighting is harmful to the vision and can cause losses to businesses in terms of workplace hazards and injuries. Recommended light intensity is 500 lux for activities like reading, writing, transaction processing, etc. For workshops, recommended light intensity levels are from 800 to 1100 lux.

* Compatibility with light fittings:Most of the LED lamps can fit in easily with traditional light fixtures, but at times, the fitting may pose to be a challenge. Changing light fittings means an extra cost burden. So, choose LED bulbs which blend well with your current light fittings.

* Adjustability: For commercial retail spaces, adjustable LED downlights and spotlights are recommended. These anti-glare lights are meant for focussing on the intended products so that lighting can accentuate product features to an onlooker.

LED is the most energy efficient and rapidly evolving lighting technology. It has enormous potential to change the future of lighting across the world. It is replacing traditional lighting sources at an unbelievable speed as people world over are embracing smart and efficient lighting solutions. It's time to make a smart move and switch to LED.