How to choose the right electrodes for welding?

Welding machines are used in metalworking, metallurgical and fabrication processes. Listed below are types of welding machines:


* ARC Welding Machines: ARC welding machines are used for stick welding. An electric arc is used to forge and blend metals. ARC welding is widely used for steel, stainless steel, and cast iron.

ARC Welding

* MIG Welding Machines: Metal Inert Gas welding machines use gas metal arc welding process. These machines can produce quality welds with bare minimum weld splatter. Automobile industry workers mostly use MIG welding machines.

MIG Welding

* MMA/GMA/FCAW Welding Machines: Flux Cored Arc Welding Machines use the flux inside the welding wire for welding. These machines work perfectly even in windy conditions because there is no involvement of shielding gas. These welding machines are mostly used for aluminium and steel.

*Spot Welding Machines: These machines offer the most economical ways of welding two components of sheet metal. They are also used in orthodontics’ clinics for resizing metal molar brands on teeth.

Spot Welding

*TIG Welding Machines: These welding machines utilize gas tungsten arc welding process to weld steel with non-ferrous materials. TIG welding machines take a lot of time for welding but are the preferred choice for welding materials such as brass, copper, titanium, and magnesium.

Tig Welding

You would need a superior electrode for your metalworking and fabrication needs. Choosing the right electrode can be daunting and bewildering. It is essential to pay attention to three fundamental guidelines when it comes to selecting welding electrodes:

a)     Metal Type:The composition of the electrode is important for seamless welding. A complete match of the electrode with the metal work piece would ensure superior welding.


b)    Welding Current:Electrodes respond properly to certain specific current types like AC or DC. Some electrodes are compatible with both AC and DC currents. For deeper penetration, electrodes compatible with AC current are recommended.

c)     Welding Position:Welding position is important as some electrodes are meant for welding in flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead jobs.