Imagine foggy mornings, misty trees, longer nights and shorter days, the cold breeze, and the white snow, and how about wrapping your hand around a warm cup of tea or coffee while enjoying the weather outside. Sounds interesting! Is it? The winter season is the coldest time of the year. People may get under the weather and get seasonal allergies like cold, cough, soar throat, fever, and stuffy noses quickly. The special winter drinks like Tulsi tea, Bajra raab, Kashmiri kahwa, Black tea, coffee, Turkish apple tea, hot chocolate, instant soup are some warm beverages that help dispel the chills. And if you want to make these drinks repeatedly many times during the day, what could be your best option? Well, one option could be your go in the kitchen and prepare your tea multiple times during the day; another easy to do option could be an electric kettle that can be used to prepare tea/coffee and can be used to store the drink for some time.

Electric kettles, a small electric kitchen appliance, are popular among tea lovers due to their convenience, speed, and precision. Buying an electric kettle is not about going to the market and picking something. Kettles are available in a wide range of brands, rates in the market. With the electric kettles prices start as low as 500 rupees, it makes good sense to own one, but before you do so, here are a few factors you need to consider-


The capacity of the electric kettle is directly related to your requirement. What is your need? 2 cups or 4 cups or more cups of tea at a time? First, look at the capacity of the kettle. Mostly portable/travel kettles are available in 500 to 750ml capacity, suitable to serve 2 cups of coffee in one go. Second, the kettle category comes in the capacity of one litre with a power range of 1100-1350 watts, which is capable of serving 3 to 4 cups. It is most suitable for nuclear families or hotel rooms. The third category is 1.2 litre to 1.5 litre kettles with a 1350-1800 watt power range. These kettles serve 4-6 people. The fourth and last category is 1.7 to 2 litres capacity with 1500-2200 watts electricity consumption. These kettles are suitable for joint families and small offices.


What is the material of the kettle? Generally, these kettles are made of plastic, stainless steel, glass, ceramic and silicone. It is advisable to use kettles made of stainless steel, glass or ceramic. Plastic kettles can deteriorate after a few months and may influence the flavor of the beverage too.


The design of the kettles is directly related to the ease of cleaning the vessel. The eclectic kettles with wide mouth openings are easier to clean than kettles with narrow openings since your hand can comfortably go inside it to clean. Now about shape! Commonly, the kettles are available in regular, bell-dome and pyramids.

Boiling speed

An electric kettle boils water at double speed as compared to boiling water on a stove. Roughly it takes 4.5 minutes to heat the water in a typical electric kettle. However, many electric kettles in the market can beat this average time by several minutes, giving you a cup of coffee almost instantly. An electric Kettle of 1500 Watt offers fast water heating than boiling on conventional stove.

Energy efficiency and temperature control

Electric kettles consume less energy as compared to stovetop kettles. The users can change the temperature setting of the kettle, and the food can be kept in heating, boiling, and keeping warm modes. If you want to buy a kettle with temperature settings, you need to go through the product specifications before buying one carefully.


There is huge competition in the eclectic kettle market in India. The major brands in eclectic kettles are Bajaj, Prestige, Cello, Pigeon, Phillips, Borosil, Glen and many more.


As kettle is an eclectic device, so more the warranty on the product, the better for the consumer. The kettles come with ‘no warranty’, ‘six-month warranty’ and ‘one year warranty.

The top 5 Best Electric Kettles in India

Unlike the traditional stoves, The electric kettle is one of the most straightforward households, energy-efficient, reliable appliances that not only adds beauty to your kitsch but also reduces your workload. Here are the top 5 best electric kettles, along with their respective prices.

S.N Product name Capacity Price
1 Chef Pro CSK805- -0.5L Silver and Block electric kettle 0.5 litres Rs.660
2 Pigeon Kessel-1.2 litre,600W, Multi purpose kettle 1.2 litres Rs. 892
3 Bajaj KTX-15, 2000W, 1.7 litres Black Travel Electric Kettle 1.7 litres Rs. 1,652
4 Butterfly EKN 1.8-1.8L Electric Kettle 1.8 litres Rs.764
5 Orbit Nano X- 1.2 litre Electric Kettle 1.2 litres Rs.706