Hearing loss prevention & noise protection tips for industrial workers

Hearing Loss has been tracked as the major part of regular ailments that have been experienced amongst the industrial workers currently. Taking into consideration various segments like mining, construction, metal-working, automobiles, infrastructures, etc. are prone to have loud noises around the environment. So, let’s first understand the cause of the hearing loss before we discuss the hearing loss prevention tips.

Numerous factors responsible for hearing loss damage to workers in the construction sector:

Consistency and regularity in the presence of loud noise around the job sites.A wrong selection of the hearing protection device may lead to bad results while using them.Improper way of using the hearing protection in a noisy environment. E.g., Earplugs may not be correctly applied to the ears.Failure in following the proper instructions for using the hearing protection device.No correct standards are chosen for the required noise level.No provision of noise control option on some of the heavy machinery operated in the workspace. Lack of awareness and training provided for the hearing damage and cared for the employees in the industry.No regular check-up of the hearing ailment if any and delayed cure treatment for the same.

Common recommendations for industrial workers against the hearing loss or damage:

Use earplugs or earmuffs whenever the workers are exposed to noisy environments. There is even the availability of a modified device that will filter out background noise but let the worker hear the vital conversation or a sound.It is mandatory to use the hearing protector if the noise level is raised above 85 decibels. Below this level is it not compulsory but advisable to use the same.There should be proper training provided to the employees so that maximum benefit can be gained while using the hearing protection device. Usage of various sound barriers to absorb the noise and reduce its level to a certain extent. E.g., a simple plywood plank can be used to isolate the loud noise and protect the rest of the job site workers.Workers to take a break from their work by frequently moving out from the noisiest zones.

Always ensure that the noise sources be away from many workers and can be transferred with the help of extension cords, air hoses, etc.Never stick anything inside your ear canal i.e., the chosen device shouldn’t go too deep in-ear canal that can rapture the tissues and cause an injury.Regular maintenance and inspection of the tools and machines in order to prevent them from making loud noise.Invest more in modern tools and equipment that are having noise dampening technology.

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