E-commerce Marketing: Top 5 Tips to Supercharge your Business with Influencer Marketing

In a time of increased competition, economic slowdown, corona-virus, climate-change, US-presidential elections, and uncertainty, standing out is more important than ever.

How to stand out? How to get attention? From the past few years, we have seen business has been transformed, especially in the e-commerce space through Influencers. I read that 70 per cent of buying -decisions by millennials are made through peer-recommendation, which makes sense. Suppose, if I am going for "laser skin treatment for dark spots", I would not go to Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels to see recommendations for laser skin treatment. I would instead go to someone with whom I am acquainted with. Do you know why it is so?

Well, according to Global Web Index's Social Media Trends 2019 report, consumers are spending nearly 2.5 hours every day on social networks globally. These YouTubers, Instagram and Facebook content creators loosely referred to as Youtuber or Instastar are people like you and me who provide trusted advice in their respective categories. People trust their influencers in the same way as they trust friends and family. Twitter research states that almost 49% of consumers seek to buy guidance from social media influencers. It is a considerable number. Is it?

Also, according to the Eldman trust Borometer report,  63 percent of people of age group18-to-34, trust what an influencer says, rather than what is being said by a brand in its advertising campaign. Influencer marketing has indeed earned its place as a critical marketing channel for businesses due to its impressive ROI and strategic targeting of online audiences. Now is the time to integrate influencer marketing partnerships into your larger marketing initiatives.

Influencer Marketing is a crucial part of the sales funnel and emphasizes more into the awareness and consideration phrases about product or service. It means that it increases awareness, encourages brand discovery (influences the target audience to research the brand or product more). Once the audience is aware, in brand/product discovery and consideration mode on the website, it's up to the brand to convert the audience using various tactics. Considering the coming festive season, let's discuss how you can supercharge your business with influencer marketing without spending tons of money on marketing. Here is the roadmap of Influencer marketing 2020-

Speaking of Influencers

You don't have to rope in Tom Cruise for promoting an Angle Grinder. So what can be done? Influencer marketing has proven to be a budget-friendly, unique customer acquisition marketing tool. For small companies which do not have plenty of marketing budget, influencer marketing can level-up their marketing campaign, engage the community, and create the brand image.

Identify the Influencer marketing campaign goal

Before finding an influencer, you should decide your objective, goal, and performance measurement metrics before kicking off the campaign. Get a clear aim of what you want to get in terms of marketing goals and sales. Determine which social media network you want to target for your influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer search engine

How to find the right influencers for your brand/product? Who is your audience? Is it millennia, grown-up or older generation? As part of your marketing campaign, please use influencer search engine tools (Buzzsumo, Klear, SocialBlade, And People Map) to know influencers in your locality. Making the use of these tools will allow you to search for influencers using specific keywords, relevant data of each influencer, and filter the result based on different categories.

Recognize the new celebrity of the town

Instead of going for the most popular YouTube star, you should go for Influencers with limited audiences, like 10K followers. You may get paying less, and you may end up getting better leads because of honest and authentic followers. These micro-influencers have higher engagement with targeted audiences.

Promotion and marketing through influencer are all about finding the most famous person on the platform. Still, it is about finding a person on which your audience can trust, and you can leverage that influence to sell your products. See if the influencer's audience matches your audience, else all efforts will go in vain.

Approaching the Influencer

Your first message can make or break the partnership deal. Be careful; it is worth putting some extra time to make sure you're reaching out correctly. Be prepared with the list of influencers; if one rejects, you can try others. You can educate them about your product/service. Give them graphics, editing, writing help, but it would be  better if you give them full freedom and let them come up with their strategy to present your product. Influencer should  have basic understanding of SEO, keywords, site optimization, and quality content.

After the campaign starts

After starting a social media campaign, make sure that you read all comments and answer questions. Please answer questions about your product yourself, because, as compared with an influencer, you know more about your product. This way, you will be showing how excellent your customer service is.

Final thought

As far as #influencer marketing in concern, it is about forming a real bond between brand/product and influencer. When done correctly, your audience will feel it, believe it, and buy into it.

Authenticity. Is. Key. Thank you!