Different usages of electric heat gun

Before discussing the different usage types of electric heat guns we should first understand the electric heat gun device and its functionality. Heat gun devices are used for emitting a hot air stream that has a proper grip handle to hold and operate with hands. The handle comes in the right angle shape with a trigger similar to a head-gun design. Electric heat guns are used right from physics, material science, chemistry to various laboratory & workshop settings. The electric gun types can be differentiated based on parameters like different operating temperatures, different airflow speed, different size and shape, etc.

Various usage types of an electric heat gun:

Stripping the paint - Users can use heat guns for different surfaces like wood, brick, metal, concrete, stone, etc. The correct way to use these heat guns is by holding the device a few inches away from the surface and moving around to avoid overheating problems. As the paint coating loosens with the help of scrapper, the paint can be removed. The dual temperature heat guns prove to be the best guns, e.g. Eco Heat gun from Master Appliance.

Heat shrink tubing - It is an expanded, extruded plastic sleeving that is designed to contract when heated. It is used for sealing, termination, identification, insulation and strain relief for cables. Heat guns are commonly used for contracting these heat shrink.

Shrink film - As the film is made up of polyolefin plastic and PVC, it is robust and transparent that offers resistance to heat, dust, moisture, cold, etc. Also, it is puncture-proof, and thus it is an ideal option for proper packaging.

Shrink wrap packaging - Heat guns are an ideal option for offering a sturdy, protective, professional way of packing and storing the goods. Shrink wrap comes in different sizes for different pallets, products and needs.

Drying of damp wood - Dampen woods cause a significant problem within the house. Heat guns are used for drying these woods and making their condition better.

Bend and weld plastic - Heat gun can bend and weld vinyl, PVC, plastic, acrylic material, etc. It first softens the material to give a shape. As a heat gun can generate high airflow and robust heat, it proves to be an ideal option. It is suggested to use heavy-duty heat resistant gloves.

Soften adhesives - Heat gun can be used for softening the adhesives making the scraping off process easier. E.g. the user can remove the stickers from the car or fridge by keeping the device at low settings.

Thaw frozen pipes - Heat gun can be used for thawing the pipeline before the ice expands and splits the pipe. Again it is to be done at low heat to avoid the generation of steam that can lead to bursting of pipes. However, it cannot be used on all types of pipes or wood that can easily catch fire.

DE-soldering of electronics - Heat gun is used to heat the area where the components are located. After applying some heat, they can easily be removed. It is easy to de-solder those components that have a central pad soldered on the PCB.

Reworking of surface-mounted circuit board components - Surface mount technology is the method of mounting the electrical components directly on the PCB surface. Reworking includes repair of electronics, de-soldering, re soldering of the elements. The heat gun is used to heat the device and melt solder. It is used to pick up a position, often tiny parts.


This proves that a heat gun is one of the versatile devices that can perform multi-purpose use tasks. It has become an essential tool for the craftsmen and welders for their projects. Identify your urge for the new needs that can be fulfilled by your heat gun and do let us know in the comment section below.