Different types of hand saws and their uses

Saws are one of the most frequently used tools used in carpentry and woodworking industry. DIYers , amateurs and professionals prefer to use saws for a variety of projects in designing and decor space. These are the tool which help them in bringing ideas to fruition. Let's look at different types of saws and their uses.  

Handsaws: Handsaws are general purpose tools and help in executing different cutting styles effortlessly. Some handsaws are designed for specific purposes such as the keyhole saw.

Backsaws: Backsaws are generally short and have a narrow blades. They are frequently used along with miter boxes and execute fine cuts with impeccable precision. They are also known as miter saws or tenon saws.

Bowsaws: Bowsaw is a variant of crosscut saw. These saws have a longer blade with cross cut teeth for cutting and removing materials during the cutting process. Bowsaws are generally used for trimming, pruning and cutting of tress, timber and logs.

Coping saw: For scrolling, trimming and precision cutting, coping saws are ideal. From carpenters, furniture makers, to plumbers, coping saws form an integral part of their toolboxes.

Crosscut saws: Crosscut saws have thick blades with beveled teeth and are generally used for cutting wood. For cutting timber, and wood and creating camps at the job site, these saws are frequently used.

Fret saws: Fret saws have a long blades capable of executing extremely intricate cuts. The saws have a large frame which allows them to cut away from the outer edges.

Hacksaws: Hacksaws are mostly used for cutting pipes and tubes. These saws are lightweight,easy to use and versatile. They are also used for cutting plastic and wooden materials.

Keyhole saws: Keyhole saw has a round handle and a single blade which protrudes from the tip of the handle. These saws are generally used to cut circles and patterns. Keyhole saws become handy when a small section needs to be carved out or replaced.

Pruning saws: Pruning saws have a curved blade which protrude from a handle designed to mimic a pistol. These saws have coarse teeth which are capable of cutting in both directions and remove material faster. Pruning saws are widely used by landscapers and those tasked with maintenance of lawns.

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