Different Types of Modern Office Furniture

While you start with the planning of new furniture for your office set up, the first thing that comes to your mind is chairs, tables, and desks. However, various other new types of furniture are required for the modern office to make it more productive and feasible. Let us figure out all these types of modern furniture for your office.

Different Types of Modern Furniture for Office Use:

  • Chair Massager EquipmentPremium chair, back armchair, revolving executive office chair, high back heavy chair, low back chair, an armless chair are some of the types of office chairs. It is one of the prime elements of office supplies. They come in a different color, design, size, styles, and brands. Desk chair must have an ergonomic design for comfortable sitting and the swivel chair is flexible enough to move around. The visitor chair and side chairs are suitable for short term use. At the same time, the lounge chairs are the correct option for relaxing and waiting purposes.
  • CupboardsOffice cupboards are designed to keep the workspace neat and tidy in an organized pattern. It comes in different styles, sizes and shapes. Tall, slimline design, compact, desk high models are some of the types of cupboard designs. They are used for keeping documents and valuable safe that comes with spare keys for extra security.
  • DesksIt comes in different styles that suit the different needs and requirements of the office work. The common types of office desks fit every kind of office space. Ergonomic design, layouts and spacing and easy maintenance are some of the features that are to be present in the office desk for good user experience.
  • Dining TablesIt is essential to have dining tables in office space to arrange the seats for eating meals during break hours. It is good to have a sturdy oak table as it delivers both classic and contemporary touch to the space. There are various dining table types like marble, glass and chrome, white & black, dark wood, and oak.
Dining Table
  • Drawers, Cabinets and ShelvesIt is used to keep the things organized like an old newspaper, books, documents, files, etc. It comes in various sizes and shapes. Factors to consider while selecting the cabinets and drawers are capacity, size and security. Capacity is based on the type of items to be stored. Tall cabinets can hold more equipment, whereas small cabinets are for small office space. The sensitive and personal materials are to be stored in a locking storage cabinet.
Drawers, Cabinets and Shelves
  • LockersElectronic and mechanical are 2 types of lockers available for the office arena. Electronic lockers are a more secure and safe option than mechanical lockers. They come with additional features like auto freeze and motorized shooting bolts. Mechanical locker comes with a key lock feature and is compact with lightweight design. Lockers are commonly made up of steel, wood, laminate and plastic. Tiers, materials, locking options, number of locking points, dimensions, color are some of the factors to be considered before choosing the locker.
  • Shoe RacksIt is used for organizing all shoes, heels, sneakers and sandals of employees in office space. These racks are made up of metal, steel, wood or fabric. It is usually placed near the entrance of the space. The size of the rack depends on the number of shoes that are to be stored. Hanging racks, over the door shoe rack and portable covered shoe organizer are the types of shoe racks. Keeping the place clutter-free, dust-free and dry, and improving the area's aesthetic value are some of the benefits of shoe racks.
Shoe Rack
  • StoolsIt is a backless chair used as seating furniture to refine the look of your office. The office stools come with adjustable height and back that match the specific needs. They come in different styles, colors and upholstery options. The ergonomic and drafting stools help in improving the productivity and efficiency of the workplace.
  • Tables It is used to perform professional activities like arranging meet-up sessions, seminars, placing projectors and other devices, placing documents and files, reception tasks, etc. These office tables are made up of various wood types like solid wood, wood with melamine and veneer finish, metal, and glass top. There are different office tables like U-shaped, L-shaped, computer, open space, reception, executive table, office table with drawers and plug points, etc. Space, style, budget, storage, and durability are essential points to keep in mind while selecting the office table.
  • Docklands – It is a type of furniture for open spaces. Docklands are the temporary alternative workplace for individual focused work. It is a part of modern furniture liked by many employees, clients and visitors.


Types of modern office furniture include office chairs, tables, desks, file cabinets, sofas, dining tables, etc. to meet all the office needs. These furniture helps you create a stylish modern look for your office space and amplify the imagination of your employees and clients. You can buy these office furniture online of various renowned brands having high quality and performance.