What Are The Different Types Of Drills?

From the window to the table and even the simplest key holder attached to the wall, everything employs a drill machine for simplifying tough drilling tasks. A drilling machine is used for various personal as well as professional tasks. It efficiently digs holes in wooden, ceramic, plastic, and metallic workpieces. With the improvement in technology, drill machines are manufactured with various advanced features to meet the specific needs of users.

Buying a suitable drill machine is a tough task, and you will realize this only when you start searching the market. There are numerous drilling machines available for different needs. So, let us find out how you should select the perfect drill machine to meet your requirements.

Different Types of Drills

The market is loaded with drills that perform tasks like drilling a small hole to hold a photo frame to cut a huge hole in the industrial sector. There are different types of machines to perform different tasks. Some of these drills are

Factors to Consider When Buying Drills

  • Corded or cordless drills

The chief factor you need to consider while buying a drill is your purpose. All the drills are classified as corded or cordless drills. The cordless drills are used for light and easy tasks like some DIY projects. They are also an ideal choice for performing tasks in areas that are tough to reach. On the other hand, corded drills are used for heavy-duty machining. Therefore, it is generally advised that to operate a corded drill safely, you need to have some experience of machining activities.

  • Chuck

Chuck is that part of the machine that holds the drill bit while machining operations. Depending upon your need, you can choose the chuck available in the market. You need to note that there are two types of drill chucks available in today’s market - keyless and keyed chuck. Furthermore, you will get most of the drills with keyless chucks because they are manufactured with modern and advanced technology.

  • Reverse

This is an important feature of drills because it helps you remove the bits that get stuck during drilling tasks. All the keyless drills are manufactured with a default reverse feature because it is the only way of getting a bit of the machine. Hence, while buying a drill, this feature needs special consideration.

  • Torque

This is an essential feature that you need to consider while buying drills. It is basically the force that leads to the rotation of the bit. With increased torque, you can perform tasks quickly. Moreover, the advanced dill machines are manufactured with an inbuilt clutch. The clutch is designed to help automatically stop the machine after drilling up to a certain depth. This helps in preventing over drilling operations. You need to remember that the torque setting will depend on the tensile strength of the surface you need to drill.

  • Variable speed

If you want to use the drilling machine for driving the screws, you need to look for its variable speed. However, for general purpose drilling tasks as well, it is better to have a variable speed because it helps in making a smooth drilled hole. This feature is also essential for drilling accurate holes efficiently on various workpieces.

4 Best Drills in India

Sr. No.



Drill capacity


Tiger TGP10 Drill - 10 mm Powerful Heavy Copper Winding Electric Drill Machine

300 W

10 mm


Bosch GSB 501 - 13 mm, 500 W Reversible Action Impact Drill Machine

500 W

13 mm


Dongcheng DJC30 - 30 mm, 900 W Magnetic Drill

900 W

30 mm


Black+Decker HD555 - 13 mm, 550 W Hammer Drill Machine with Variable Speed


550 W

13 mm (steel), 32 mm (wood)

Tiger TGP10 Drill - 10 mm Powerful Heavy Copper Winding Electric Drill Machine

It is a powerful and compact drilling machine that is suitable for commercials and domestic tasks. It is built with a ball bearing at the chuck to withstand a higher load. Its pistol grip is capable of working in tight spaces and overhead areas. It comes with an ergonomically designed handle to provide a firm grip to users. It is easy to operate and can be carried during travels.

Drill Capacity: 10 mm

Power: 300 W

Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz

Bosch GSB 501 - 13 mm, 500 W Reversible Action Impact Drill Machine

It is a compact and impact drill that smoothly performs tough drilling operations. It is easy to handle and guarantees fatigue-free operations. It is designed with a rotating brush plate that efficiently performs in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. Moreover, the electronic control helps in precision drilling tasks on various workpieces. The dynamic ball bearing results in increased durability.

Drill Capacity: 13 mm

Power: 500 W

Voltage: 220-230 V

Dongcheng DJC30 - 30 mm, 900 W Magnetic Drill

Commonly known as adsorption drill, the magnetic drill is suitable for broach cutter, drilling metal, and annular cutter. Moreover, it efficiently cuts metallic as well as wooden workpieces. It consists of an electromagnet that firmly holds on the flat and smooth surfaces to perform accurate drilling. In addition, the cast iron built provides better and increased durability.

Drill Capacity: 30 mm

Voltage: 900 W

No-Load Speed: 450 RPM

Black+Decker HD555 - 13 mm, 550 W Hammer Drill Machine with Variable Speed

It has a powerful motor that delivers about 45000 blows/minute at a speed of 28000 rpm. This rotary drill machine is suitable to perform heavy-duty tasks like cutting and chiseling of tensile materials like steel and wood. The ergonomic design ensures a firm and comfortable grip to perform accurate cutting operations.

Drill Capacity: 13 mm (steel), 32 mm (wood)

Voltage: 550 W

Drills are essential equipment for cutting various materials for domestic as well as industrial purposes. Moreover, with numerous options available, it becomes crucial to buy the one that suits your requirements. Now that you know what factors need to be considered for making a smart purchase go on and buy a drill that performs efficiently as per your needs.