Coronavirus : Can airpurifiers help?

In the wake of the global outbreak, where the virus is spreading in communities in more than 140 countries and affecting people across the globe, medical experts and government authorities have  been advising  that those showing symptoms of coronavirus  need to be self-isolated and, people in general, need to  practise social distancing to avoid spreading of the disease in the community. Amidst this, a question arises as 'is home a safe place to be'? And what precautionary measures one needs to take. First things first,hygiene standards should be maintained at home to make sure that you're breathing clean air.

As organizations have issued remote-work advisories to its employees,people are working from home. It is necessary to ensure that our homes are infection free from airborne pollutants and germs.

Reality check:

Can an air purifier protect you from COVID-19?

Prevention  is better than cure and it's important to prioritize precaution over panic in these uncertain times when the coronavirus infection is spreading exponentially. While the race is still on to produce an effective vaccine for COVID-19, we are not immune from the virus as of now. We can ensure safety from respiratory diseases by cultivating and maintaining hygiene standards. Air purifiers equipped with HEPA(High-efficiency particulate air) technology can help in keeping  harmful germs and virus  at bay.  HEPA removes particles from the air passing through it at least 99.95%, and the diameter can be equal to 0.3 μm, which includes the COVID-19 virus measuring about 0.12 microns in diameter.

Can air purifiers act as an alternative to masks?

One should wear a mask only if s/he has been infected with a virus. There is no need to wear a mask if you are healthy. Air purifiers are not an alternative to protective masks. Air purifiers keep the air clean indoors while masks are a protective gear .

When you are practising self-isolation at home, you can do away with a mask . Air purifiers generally consist of a fan and a filter, where the latter filters out airborne particles by size exclusion, systematized with HEPA technology.

If you are living in a shared accommodation, or are working in a closed environment with groups of people, turning on an air purifier could help reduce the spread of the airborne germs and pollutants. Breathing air, that's free from harmful particles, should be part of everyone's wellness plan. It is advisable to choose an air purifier that has True HEPA, UV light, and 3 ionization technologies for superfluous virus protection.

Make home a safe place to live in by installing air purifiers, which will ensure that viruses are diminished from your homes.

Here are some of the best air purifiers you should buy.

Eureka Forbes - 1.70 Kgs Aeroguard Breeze Air Purifier



  • Active 10X pre-filter which purifies the air from dust and dirt.
  • Advanced HEPA filtration to remove airborne particles of 0.3 microns.
  • Equipped with Anion generator and fragrance diffuser.
  • Automatic self analyzing capabilities of sensing the air quality to facilitate efficient purification.

Eureka Forbes - 15.00 Kgs Dr.Aeroguard SCPR 1100 Air Purifier



  • Advanced HEPA and active shield 2X filtration system techniques to remove micron-sized particles.
  • Anti-allergen and dust filtration systems.

Kent - 2.6 km/hr, 3.6W Ozone Table Top Air Purifier



  • Based on an advanced Ozone gas release technique which effectively helps in killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens present in the air.
  • The air purifier produces an environment-friendly Ozone gas which is also considered a resourceful oxidizing agent.
  • Tested and certified by CE.Disinfection Technology.

Kent 15004 - 400 m3/hr, 55W Alps Air Purifier



  • Removes 99% of the indoor air pollutants.
  • Comes with an inbuilt ionizer that releases negative ions, forcing the pollutants to stick to the walls, thereby trapping them on a collection plate.
  • Equipped with an air quality LED display that indicates the air quality in three colours, blue for excellent, pink and red for good and poor respectively.