Contactless Hand Sanitizer - An Essential medical supplies:

From wearing the mask and face shield to using the hand wash and sanitizer, it has now become the routine for us in this pandemic situation. Also, hand sanitizer plays a vital role in maintaining hand hygiene. And the need for contactless hand sanitizer dispensers will keep on growing exponentially to ensure the correct way of cleaning hands.

By now, we all are aware of the contact-less hand sanitizer dispenser invention that have benefited everyone of us to a large extent. The motive of bringing up this concept was to control the spread of coronavirus from infected people to others. As, in this mechanism, there is a zero contact while sanitizing your hands using sanitizer from the bottle. It is operated just by placing the hands below the nozzle and dispense the liquid automatically through the machine. This device is very useful in public areas like hospitals, corporate offices, shops, showrooms, schools, banks, etc. You can easily fix the different sized (250 ml or 1 litre) bottles in this stand and make it work.

Importance of hand sanitizer dispenser in a pandemic:

In India, due to the water shortage problem and no easy accessibility of soap at many places leads to improper hand washing. In such conditions, the hand sanitizer proves to be a lifesaver solution. Also, it has become essential to prevent the spreading of the virus across the nation and suggested by medical experts to use hand sanitizer. It has the prime function of killing the germs and disease-causing bacteria rapidly.

Basic features of Contactless sanitizer dispenser:

  • Zero contact functioning - User, can operate it without touching the machine. User needs to place the hands near the nozzle, and it will dispense the sanitizer. It is operated with the help of ultrasonic and infrared sensors.
  • Sturdiness & high durability - The dispenser is usually sturdy and durable. It is usually heavy, and wall-mounted and thus cannot be damaged easily.
  • Dispensing of standard quantity sanitizer - It dispenses a predetermined amount of sanitizer that is enough for cleaning the hands. Thus, the user can regulate the standard quantity of sanitizer while dispensing.
  • Safe & Hygienic - As the machine dispenses standard quantity of sanitizer, there is no chance of spillage or mess around the machine. Thus, there is no wastage, even when the machine is used by many people.
  • Less maintenance required - It requires less maintenance. As, it works based on the sensor that gets activated when put a hand under the nozzle. Also, it works with a contactless mechanism, so there is no wear and tear damage to the machine.
  • Modern design - It usually comes in a sleek and stylish design. Thus, it gives a modern appearance to make it an attractive machine at the workplace or residence.

Points to consider while choosing the right hand sanitizer dispenser:

  • Quality of construction - It is usually made up of metal or plastic construction. It is waterproof and is suitable to use in the kitchen and washroom. The high-quality metal adds the corrosion resistance feature to the machine. It is suggested to ensure if the plastic used is made from high-quality BPA free and solid.
  • Type of dispenser - Floor stand and wall-mounted are 2 types of dispenser machines. Based on the space availability and user requirements, the user can select the type. The wall-mounted dispenser is mainly used near restrooms and water stations whereas the floor stand type is used near gates or in public places.
  • Capacity of dispenser - The capacity is the overall storage capacity of the dispenser. It helps in determining the frequency of refilling the dispenser. For domestic use, 1 liter is the standard size, and for offices or public places 5 liters size is preferred.
  • Dispensing amount - It is the amount of sanitizer released by the dispenser for each time. The appropriate amount is required for proper cleaning of hands. As more amount will lead to wastage and less amount will be insufficient.
  • Installation and maintenance - It is convenient to pick the compact and easy to install machine. User just needs to fix it on the wall and connect it to the power supply. User needs to wipe with a cleansing agent to clean and maintain the device.
  • Protection - Generally, the automatic sanitizer dispenser works on electricity. So, it is important to check the power consumption rate of the machine. It is better to choose the dispenser that comes with a built-in protector to tackle voltage fluctuation problem.

Different applications of Contactless sanitizer dispenser:

  • Workplaces - As pandemic has become new normal for us now, even offices are getting resumed. Thus, there will be a gathering of employees at the workplace to a certain extent. And, to control this situation you need to install dispensers at every critical area of the office. These areas include cafeteria, washroom, elevators and meeting rooms.
  • Railway and metro stations - In cities the majorly used transport medium is railways and metros. These stations are overly crowded and filled with people the whole day and thus becomes an attraction point for contracting germs and viruses.
  • Hotels and Restaurants - The food industry was severely affected in lockdown though it has not remained closed for a longer time. They are slowly re-opening with standard norms like thermal checking, hand sanitizing, social distancing to maintain safety and hygiene. Thus, the dispensers are installed at every entry point of the hotels to ask visitors for cleaning their hands.
  • Shopping malls and public parks - Along with the hotels, malls and parks too are getting re-opened by taking necessary precautions and measures. It is done by installing a public sanitizing station to maintain proper hand hygiene. Also, it is easy to access and use the contact less machine.
  • Airports - Just like a railway station, the airport also witnesses a massive amount of people for transportation. Thus, it becomes a HubSpot for various viruses and bacteria. It is necessary to install these machines near the entrance and checkpoints to improve its accessibility for the travelers.


Contact-less hand sanitizer dispenser not only assures the proper maintenance of hand hygiene but also reduces the risk of cross-contamination. Due to its easy touch-free operation, it encourages people to use the machine. Thus, more the device is used less are the chances of transmitting infection across the surrounding area. It has a joyful user experience that also helps in enhancing the productivity of dispensers. So, start looking for the right contactless sanitizer dispenser for your business and offer your workers the shield of safety and hand hygiene. You can check out the options online by clicking here.