Common Gift Card Scams and How to Avoid Them:

E Gift Cards are small cards used to exchange cash value while buying goods and services from a particular business. These forms of gifts have become a boon in current times, but are you aware of the scams related to them? Various incidents happen when a person asks you to pay some amount while using the gift card. No well-known companies ask their customers to pay extra money while using the gift card. If they demand to pay, it means they are the scammers. Keep reading to learn more about gift card scams:

What Are Gift Card Scams?

Gift cards are gifts and no extra payments. If somebody tells you to pay money with gift cards, it means the scam is about to happen. If the scammer possesses your gift card and PIN, it means they get direct access to your money. Various methods practiced by scammers to remove money from you while using gift cards are –

  • They say it is urgent to pay a certain amount by stating that something may go wrong if payment is not made in time.
  • The caller might tell you to buy a particular gift card or put money on eBay or Google Play. Or ask you to go and purchase cards at specific stores.
  • The person asks you to share the gift card and PIN. And as soon as you add the money to the card, the scammer receives it simultaneously.

Tricks of Scammers to convince you for paying with the gift cards:

  • They create a scenario of urgency by putting you under pressure. Some of the common gift card scams and schemes are –
  • The caller says he is calling from the government office and telling you to pay taxes or fine, which is a scam.
  • The caller fakes to be your friend or family member and asks to send money urgently. It is a scam.
  • The caller says you have won the prize, but you have to pay the fee with a gift card.
  • The person claims to be your office boss by sending a sudden message or email. He asks you to purchase your company gift cards and send the claim codes to him. In such a scenario, it is suggested to call your boss or office staff to confirm the received message. Demanding money or asking to purchase cards suddenly is meant to be suspicious.
  • Covid-19 scams are going where the message sender asks you to purchase your company gift cards and send back the claim codes to him in the name of assisting in COVID treatments.
  • Scam caller promises to multiply your money in the lottery their organization manages. He asks you to pay enrollment fees in the form of a gift card to be sent on a particular email ID. Always verify the reward scheme from the authorized source before investing.
  • You may receive the unsolicited call claiming they are a member of Shakedeal Customer service and ask you to purchase the e-gift cards and share all your account details on the phone. The caller may also ask for the Shakedeal account password or bank account number. Shakedeal will never ask their customers to purchase gift cards by sharing all the details of your bank accounts, Aadhar or PAN card and passwords.

All these are sorts of frauds or scams occurring in today’s time. Don’t fall into these traps and always be suspicious if you experience any of the above scam practices.