Best Solar Panels in India

The primary purpose of using solar panels is to convert sunlight rays into electricity that can be used for both domestic and commercial use. The working principle of the solar panel is exposing the semiconductors of photovoltaic cells to sun rays and converting light energy into electric energy. There are various benefits of using solar panels like energy-saving cost, secure and safe investment, support from the government, reduction in carbon footprints, low maintenance cost and high efficiency all year. Let us check the best solar panels available in India.

List of the Best Solar Panels in India:

Su-Kam - 100W Solar PanelThe cells in this solar panel are arranged in a grid-like pattern. This PV module consists of 6*10 solar cells. The advantage of using this model is it reduces the usage of fossil fuels to generate sustainability. Some of the key features of Su Kam solar panel are eco-friendly quality, recyclable panel, and reduced pollution effect.

Tata Power Solar Panel 325-Watt Peak – It is one of the most trusted brands in solar panel models. This model comes with 72 polycrystalline cells made up of silicon fragments. The device has a maximum power range of 325 WP, the voltage at max power of 37.2 V and current at max capacity of 8.72 A.

Vikram Polycrystalline Solar Panel – They are highly durable and reliable solar panels. Vikram solar panels require almost no maintenance. Once installed, Vikram solar models will work efficiently for many years without any issue.

Loom Solar Panel – It is one of the renowned brands in solar panel models. It offers a power output of around 50 watts for small power requirements. Loom solar panels produce quality electricity even during cloudy climatic/low lighting conditions.

Jakson Group Solar Panel – Mono PERC Solar Panels – 72 Cells have a high-power output and are thus ideal for large scale ground-mounted solar plants. The model is sealed, weatherproof and PID compliant. Therefore, this model is robust and highly durable and suitable for harsh climatic conditions too.

Waaree Energies Ltd – Waaree solar panel models have power ranging from 3WP to 400Wp. Some of the benefits of using this brand of solar panel are flex tolerant, rugged, lightweight, and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

EMMVEE Solar Panel – It is well known for its performance and is known as a reliable brand. EMMVEE Photovoltaic 100wp is helpful in big projects where high efficiency is required. It has a premium quality back sheet that provides good protection against the external environment. The frames are designed with embossed grounding marks and ready holes for easy installation.

Moser Baer Solar – Moser Baer Solar Limited MBSLeLITE Solar Panel - It is a high-efficiency product that is suitable for rooftop installation. This lightweight module is easy to handle and install. The rigorous quality control system makes the equipment more reliable. The superior aesthetics include uniform cell color and high-quality anodization on the frame.

Photon Energy Systems – Photon Energy System Solar panels - They are certified by TUV and UL. Some of the benefits of preferring these modules are their latest lamination technology, reliable materials like solar cells, and reduced risk factors due to high quality.


Solar panels are one the sustainable products as they generate alternate energy and reduce the use of the non-renewable source of energy. They are the ultimate replacement for the traditional means of energy consumption. You can click here to buy the solar panels online for your business needs.