Best Outdoor LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights plays a vital role in various applications like TV backlighting, cabinet lighting, cove lighting or any other decoration lighting. It is a flexible circuit board consisting of surface-mounted light-emitting diodes and other components. Also, these lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are water-resistant. The LED strip lights are flexible and can be divided at any point between LEDs. It is versatile and can be used in various installations. It is operated on low voltage DC power. Thus, it is counted as a smart solution with the adjustable color and brightness option. Some of its applicable sectors include residential, commercial, and industrial.

Standard features of LED Strip Lights:

  • LED Strip Light is usually half an inch in width, i.e. 10-12mm and up to 16 feet or 5 m in length. It can be cut in required lengths just by using the scissors along the cut-lines that are present every 1-2 inches.
  • Individual LEDs are mounted along the strip-line with the densities of 18-36 LEDs per foot. (60-120 per meter)
  • The backside of the LED strip comes with pre-applied double-sided adhesives to stick to the required surface. As they are flexible, the user can mount the lights even on the curved or uneven surfaces.

Best outdoor led strip lights:

1.Murphy LED Strip Lights – It is widely used for hotel decoration, office building, shopping mall, boundary wall, etc. It is a non-dimmable, safe and reliable light product. Murphy lights have a low power consumption feature and easy to install. It offers an ultra-brightness and has a strong adhesive to mount the lights firmly on the surface. These strip lights come with the cuttable design and has a user-friendly length. Thus, it is suitable for lots of places.

2. Fizzy tech LED Strip Light – It is mainly used for beautifying the space during birthday parties, weddings, etc. The lights are used at houses, stairways, windows, etc. It can be connected with the USB cable and comes in 20 color shades. The Fizzy tech LED light has high durability, long-lasting and extremely energy efficient. It is effortless to install on a dry and flat surface area. The LED lights can change the light and speed as per the requirement. It has both low power consumption and high safety performance. This strip light is easy to install and comes with back adhesive and double-sided adhesive tape.

3. Day better LED Strip Light – It has strong self-adhesive to stick well on surfaces like TV, cabinets, walls, etc. It comes with the infrared remote control to adjust multiple colors and brightness levels. This strip light has a cuttable and linkable design to adjust the length of the strip. It is suitable for bedroom, kitchen, party or wedding ceremony.

4. Minger Govee LED Strip Light – It comes with voice control via Alexa and googles assistant. The voice command works to turn on and off the lights, set the colors or adjust the brightness level. It comes with a timer function and has a wide illumination property. The built-in microphone system is to sync the music with the lights. Also, it is easy to handle and install these LED lights. Govee LED Strip light is suitable for hotels, clubs, malls, events, shows and parties.

5. Wipro LED Strip Light – It is a flexible strip light that has both IP 20 and IP 65-degree protection for both inside and outside usage compatibility. The strips have intervals to cut it at the desired length. It has a high lumen output with high brightness LED lights. There is a double-sided PCB layer for better flow of current. The strips are flexible enough to adjust the length by cutting and soldering as the required length.

6. Phopollo LED strip lights – It comes with 16 multi-colored RGB options with the DIY model to create multiple led mood lighting. Phopollo LED light comes with a dimmer and brightness control option. These lights have a stable working voltage of 12 volts and durable power supply for more security. It is easy to install and mount on walls, under cabinets or on the desk. Some of its outdoor applications include garden, lawn, balcony decoration, etc.


Above listed LED Strip Lights are the best options available online that can match your project requirements. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications with strong self-adhesive feature and easy installation. These strip lights are multi-colored, flexible, shock-resistant and highly durable products that can be easily adjusted to required modes of lighting. To check our LED Strip Light products available online, you can click here. Happy Lighting!!