Best Jigsaw Machines in India

Jig Saw machine is a power tool consisting of the reciprocating blade to cut wood, metal or materials. It is usually electrically powered and employed with blades made up of different materials like high carbon steel, high-speed steel, tungsten carbide, etc.

Factors to consider while buying the Jigsaw machine:

  • Woking Mechanism – It works with the help of an electric motor converted by gear reducer to reciprocating movement. The machine with a pendulum stroke is complicated as it moves forward when the pendulum moves upwards. In a modern jigsaw, the user can adjust the pendulum motion rate.
  • Power – The range of power decides the thickness of material that saw can cut. Along with the power it is better to check the maximum depth of cutting as well.
  • Stroke rate – It is suggested to have a jigsaw with the option of changing its stroke rate. Modern jigsaws provide 3500 strokes per minute. The high saw blade rate is needed for sawing the wood, whereas the steel material needs a low stroke rate.
  • Sole Plate – It is good to have a solid and sturdy soleplate that can handle a large load when it is pressed against the work table. It is recommended to have a soleplate made up of cast metal with a smooth surface having no scratches.
  • Saw Blade Fixing – Users should look for the Jigsaw that has a block to insert a blade with any thickness. Select the blade type based on the job to get the desired results.

Different features of Jigsaw machine:

  • Variable Speed – Certain Jigsaws have fixed speed that is ideal for woodworking tasks, whereas some have low-speed features suitable for metal and harder materials. Thus, it is suitable to have a variable speed setting that allows adjusting from zero to 3000 strokes per minute.
  • Scrolling Saws – It has a blade steering knob over the saw’s body to keep it in line with the blade. It is to ensure if the blade is rotating properly while cutting the job.
  • Blade Change – This option helps to change the blade very fast. It allows the user to switch from one blade to another smoothly. It also ensures if the blade is fitted securely in the required position to avoid unnecessary fatalities.
  • Adjustable Angle Cuts – The Jigsaw with adjustable angle cuts ensures the high accuracy in cutting tasks.
  • LED Light – Light is essential for cutting the solid material while using the blade. It helps the user to work with the machine even in the darker areas. Thereby, it will help in avoiding accidents while performing cutting jobs.
  • Laser Guide – It is required to mark the line and guide the cut and maintain accuracy.
  • Vibration Reducer – It is necessary to have less vibration while cutting to avoid the fatigue problem in prolonged operation. It improves comfort while doing the job for longer hours.

List of Best Jigsaw Machines in India:

1.Dewalt DW349 - 85 mm, 500 W Jig Saw – It is preferred for comfort and versatility. The saw has an ergonomic design and keyless blade change option. It is easy to use and gives accurate results. It comes with a parallel or circular guide for proper shape cutting. The Dewalt jigsaw comes with bi-directional vacuum spout and variable speed dial with a trigger.

2. Black & Decker JS20 - 60 mm, 400 W Variable Speed Jig Saw – This machine has a high impact hammering action used for drilling concrete, wood or metal. It has an auxiliary handle and a soft rubber grip for fatigue-free operation. The variable speed jigsaw has an ergonomic design with a lightweight feature. It has a powerful motor with a high impact rate.

3. Makita 4327 - 65 mm, 450 W Jig Saw – It is a high-powered tool with a rubber handle. The thick aluminum blade comes with a dust cover to avoid the breaking of the tip. It offers a smooth and noise-free operation. It is compact and thus easy to carry. The tool is made up of high-quality steel material. Also, it comes with filters and double insulation.

4. Bosch GST700 - 70 mm, 500 W Jig Saw – It has a pendulum function with 4 orbits. It has a speed pre-selection function to adjust the speed for different materials. It has high efficiency and also easy to operate the tool. The jig saw has a fast blade function.

5. Pro Tools 1065 A - 65 mm, 600 W Jigsaw – It is made up of an electric motor and reciprocating blade for sawing. Pro Tools is basically used to make an intricate-cuts in wood, plastic, sheet metal and ceramic tiles. It is very safe and easy to use. The tool comes with a streamlined body and heavy base to enhance the firmness.

6. Metabo STEB 65 QUICK - 65 mm, 450 W Jig Saw – User can quickly change saw blades without any tool in this jigsaw system. It can cut various materials like wood, plastic, sheet metal and ceramic tiles. The device comes with a top handle and non-slip soft-grip surface. It is a lightweight and user-friendly tool that has vario-speed electronics features.

7. Trumax Mx1070 - 70 mm, 610 W Jig Saw – It is used for making curved-cuts in various materials like plywood, plastic, metal and ceramic tile. Trumax jig saw is applicable for different sectors like construction, shop or home. It has a variable stroke rate option to change the speed rate as per the cutting speed requirement.

8. Hi Max IC 027 - 70 mm, 610 W Jig Saw – It is mainly used to cut and shape metal, countertops, tiles, and laminate flooring materials. Hi Max is a heavy-duty power tool used by all professionals, DIYers, woodworking laborers, etc. It is lightweight and gives minimum vibration while working. It can perform straight, angular and circular cuts. The Jigsaw has an ergonomic handle with an extraction system to offer extra comfort.

9. Yking 2970 B - 75 mm, 680 W Jig Saw – It is small, lightweight and has a compact industrial design. It comes with a lock-on switch for extra comfort while performing a prolonged operation. The beveling shoes, along with the tool, can cut at 45-degree angle. The pendulum mechanism eases the cutting of softer material.

10. Dongcheng DMQ/MIQ-FF-85 – It is a powerful tool that can perform heavy-duty operations like cutting or boring on hard material. The machine can cut in both straight and curved manner. Dongcheng saw has high durability and thus doesn’t lose its properties even under high load.


Jigsaw is a portable power tool that can cut curves very effectively. It can complete the job faster than the hand-held coping saw. DIYers and woodworkers mainly use it to make a straight or intricate curved cut for woodworking projects. Check out some of our best jigsaw tool options available online of high-quality brands and unique features.