Best Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispenser in India

Hand sanitization has now become a new normal part of our lifestyle during this Covid-19 situation. As we are not aware if our surrounding people are infected with the virus or not, we can’t handover the sanitizer to them personally. So, after understanding this situation, there was an invention of foot-operated hand sanitizer dispenser in the market. Using this foot-operated hand sanitizer dispenser, users can sanitize their hands without touching the bottle or the machine. And thus, it helps prevent the cross-contamination issue. These dispensers are suitable for populated areas like shopping malls, cinema theatre, parks, hospitals, etc. We would now like to suggest you some of the best Indian brands for these foot-operated sanitizer dispensers in this article.

Best Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispenser in India

SHY Sanitizer Stand Dispenser - It has a foot pedal operated mechanism that allows you for contactless sanitization. It is compatible with almost all size bottles due to the adjustable feature. It comes in a small package and is very easy to assemble using the included tools. It has a high-quality powder coating process that helps in maintaining the long-lasting finish. It comes with a magnetic message board that can fit any A4 size paper sheet. It is suitable for home, school, shops, hospitals, clinics, etc.

SHY Sanitizer Stand Dispenser 

Akshni Olive Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispenser Stand - It is portable, lightweight and robust equipment. The machine has a high-grade ABS body with a simple DIY assembly system. It is rust and corrosion-resistant. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. These include a home, cafe, shops, offices, showroom, clinics, hospitals, banks, gym, malls, hotels, public places, etc. It is suitable for people of all height ranges.

Akshni Olive Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispenser Stand 

Kingston Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Bottle - It usually comes with an inbuilt empty bottle of 400 ml that can be refilled as and when required. It is compact and thus can be placed easily near the entrance without blocking the path. The bottle is fully embedded in the machine stand, and only the nozzle appears that dispenses the solution. It comes in various color shades like metallic green, metallic blue, metallic red, laminated vinyl print. It is highly durable and long-lasting equipment. As, it is made up of ISI marked PVC pipe.

Kingston Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Bottle 

Prima foot-operated dispenser - It has a heavy built quality that is rust and corrosion-free. The sturdy base assures the steadiness of the stand dispenser. This stand sanitizer dispenser is applicable for heavy traffic places like airports, railway stations, hotels, schools, banks, etc. It usually comes in the pre-assembled form, and thus it is straightforward for the user to assemble it. It is compatible with all size bottles, and the user can even adjust the bottle holder height as per the requirement.

Prima foot-operated dispenser 

Avani MetroBuzz Sanitizer Dispenser Floor Stand - This sanitizer dispenser is the multi-purpose stainless steel stand that can be fixed over a wall or stand or near the door entrance. It is easy to install and easy to use. It is non-breakable and long-lasting equipment that can be installed on height as per the requirement. It is used at business lobbies, restaurants, universities, schools, hospitals, etc. It comes in the pre-assembled form and can quickly join the parts together in just 5 to 10 mins. It comes at a lower price and thus suitable when you have a tight budget issue.

Avani MetroBuzz Sanitizer Dispenser Floor Stand 

Generic - Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Stand - It is a sturdy device that comes with a basic assembly design. It has a hand touch-free and long-lasting feature. The dispenser has high quality and requires less maintenance. The foot operated hand sanitizer machine has a stainless steel construction that is suitable for both wet and dry weather conditions. It has an open channel design that allows an easy wash down experience. It also helps in reducing the cross-contamination problem. It is mainly used at hotels, clinics, shops, malls, school, college, office, etc.

Generic - Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Stand


During this period of Covid-19, there are numerous options of foot-operated hand sanitizer dispensers available for you. But, it is necessary to have a good quality, reliable and convenient machine for your arena. It will not only help in enhancing the usability of the dispenser but also offer you the good value for money. To check these high quality branded foot operated sanitizer dispensers you can visit our website.