What Kind of Mask Should my Kid Wear? Best Face Masks for Kids

Like it or not, Corona is not convinced, and pandemic continues to spread. As a parent, it is your job, mainly a challenging task to persuade kids, to wear a face mask, especially when out. For many children wearing a mask could be an intrusive thing. But considering increasing pollution and other airborne allergies, infections, the children need to wear masks to avoid getting sick. These are not just meant to protect then illness but an essential enabler to for having a social life, after all, being able to play outside in fresh air is vital for their mental and physical development.

Here are the top five face masks for the kids that will help them to get adjusted in this new normal for the foreseeable future.

1. Honeywell Denim Blue Anti Pollution Mask

Denim Blue colour, Honeywell E D7051SV BTG 5 is a PM 2.5 mask for kids. Specially designed to serve the need of kids, the made from paper and has cotton ear bands and plastic nose clip. It can filter the particle having a diameter equal or more than 2.5 micrometres. The comfortable mask comes with special Valve that is designed to avoid suffocation and safeguard your kid against different flu and viruses.

Honeywell Denim Blue Anti Pollution Mask

2. 3M 8110S N95 Mask

Specially designed for kids and people with a smaller face, this NIOSH certified mask help you’re the children to stay comfortable while going out in public. The cover protects the user against deadly and hazardous pollution. It comes with a metal adjustable nose clip for a perfect fit without leakage.

3M 8110S N95 Mask

3. Bodyguard N99 Mask

Bodyguard N99-Anti-Pollution Face Mask comes of 6 levels of protection to offer reliable respiratory protection. This washable, reusable, unisex face mask comes with breathing valve that makes exhalation better.

Bodyguard N99 Mask

4. SG Health N95 Kids Pink Mask

Made with ultra-soft fabric, SG Health N95 Kids Pink facemask provides 95% protection from different kinds of pollutants. The cartoon print, beautiful looking mask comes with adjustable straps and soft nose pad to ensure comfortability while using it for a long duration.

SG Health N95 Kids Pink Mask

5. Baby Couture N95 Mask

Baby Couture N95 Masks efficiently filters unwanted airborne particles. The mask comes with a breathing valve to regulate multi-direction ventilation and exhaust gas from the body to avoid suffocation while using it. This non-woven, cotton fabric mask offers close facial fit and efficient filtration.

Baby Couture N95 Mask

Best Face Masks for Kids

Brand Kids Masks
Honeywell Honeywell Denim Blue Anti Pollution
3M 3M 8110S N95 Mask
Bodyguard Bodyguard N99 Mask
SG Health SG Health N95 Kids Pink Mask
Baby Couture Baby Couture N95 Mask