Best Electrical Switches Brands in India

Electrical switches are small but crucial items that control the flow of electricity in your home. They gap the bridge between the gloomy darkness and rejuvenating brightness of your room. There are numerous designs of electrical switches that are available in India. These switches are different from each other as per their operation and design.

There are different types of switches available in the market. Although most of the switches are controlled manually, there are some switches that function automatically. Furthermore, all these switches are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Apart from their functional values, they also add to the aesthetic value of your home. Therefore, you need to select an electrical switch as per your requirements.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Switch:

  • Type of Switch

Undoubtedly, you will prefer to buy the latest model of electrical switches. This is crucial because the latest version of switches offer you advanced technology, high-grade materials, safe operation, and they are compatible with the advanced technology electrical appliances.

  • Material

It is imperative for you to know the material of the switch because it decides the durability of the switch. Generally, switches that are manufactured using flame resistant, high-grade polycarbonate are considered the best option. These switches are dustproof, have high melting points and are also resistant to flame.

  • Safety

Like any other electrical appliance, switches also need to offer safe usage. Therefore you must consider if they are made with FR-grade materials. Moreover, the sockets need to be shuttered in order to avoid accidental contact with a live wire. In addition, the switches that have a spark shield are suitable to avoid any damage caused due to short circuits.

  • Insulation

You need to operate switches numerous times throughout the day. If they are not properly insulated, it can be dangerous to you. Therefore, it is better to invest in switches that are properly insulated to avoid accidental electric shock.

  • Aesthetic

Electric switches add details and enhance the look of your interior. Therefore, before buying them, you should consider their color and style so that they can complement other elements of interior design.

  • User-friendly

A switch that is easy to operate and makes zero noise is preferred by everyone. Therefore, you need to select an ergonomically designed switch that can be operated without any hassle.

  • Durable

Durability is an important feature that needs to be considered to make a smart buying decision. Most of the modular switches are more durable than the conventional ones. Moreover, these switches come with quality and durability assurance.

  • Replacement

To make a better purchasing decision, you need to look for guarantee and replacement options. The replacement period differs as per company norms. Therefore, you must select electric switches that meet your requirements and replacement guarantee simultaneously.

4 Best Electrical Switches in India:

Sl. No.




Crabtree ACMPLCWV06 - Murano Series Pearl White 6M Glass Cover Plate 



Crabtree Athena 10A 2 Way Chalk White Classic Switch, ACASXXW102



Anchor 21022S - 10 AX 2 Way Switch



Crabtree ACTSMNW251 - Thames Series 16-25 Amp Screw Motor Starter Switch


  1. Crabtree ACMPLCWV06 - Murano Series Pearl White 6M Glass Cover Plate

These switches come with ISI marks that provide quality assurance to users. They are safe to use as they are flame resistant. Moreover, they are manufactured with unbreakable polycarbonate material resulting in increased durability. The sockets have an extra safety layer to ensure child safety. These switches have a special and effective double knob locking system. In addition, the properly coated inner parts are protected against rust. To ensure dust-free features, these switches are glass plated.

Finish: Glass cover plated

Color: Pearl White

2. Crabtree Athena 10A 2 Way Chalk White Classic Switch, ACASXXW102

These switches are made with industrial standards and are flame resistant. Therefore, they are a safe and smart choice for your home and office. The Crabtree Athena switches are UV stabilized and are manufactured using unbreakable FR-grade polycarbonate materials that makes them highly durable. They also have a self-lubricating feature that provides easy and noise-free operation. In addition, these switches come with a double shutter property to ensure better fitment. Moreover, the phosphorous bronze helps in better connectivity.

Product: Two-way switch

Rated Current: 10 A

3. Anchor 21022S - 10 AX 2 Way Switch

They are suitable switches for industrial as well as residential electrical settings. These two-way switches are generally used in rooms that have double entrances and on stairwells. The anchor two-way switches are manufactured with polycarbonate materials that properly withstand electricity discharge and heat. They are user-friendly switches that can easily get installed on regular switchboards. Moreover, these black color switches are durable and enhance a home's interiors.

Voltage: 240 V

Current: 10 A

4. Crabtree ACTSMNW251 - Thames Series 16-25 Amp Screw Motor Starter Switch

These switches are manufactured according to the industrial standard and provide quality assurance. The sleek and elegant Crabtree motor starter switches have a glossy finish to ensure dust-free property. In addition, these switches come with a double shutter property to ensure easy and better fitment. Moreover, they are manufactured with FR-grade polycarbonate material that provides high impact resistance, UV stabilization, and shockproof technology.

Product: Screw Motor Starter Switch

Current: 16-25 A

Electrical switches are crucial elements that not only protect us from electric shock but also enhance the aesthetic value of our home. Now that you know all the tips that you need to consider while buying an electric switch, you will surely make a better choice as per your need.